Safety Gear You Should Wear in Lacrosse

Lacrosse is a dangerous sport that needs a level of protective gear. When I say level, I am not talking about small gear that helps you run faster. Best lacrosse helmets to protect your eyes and face. Gloves to keep your hands from getting damaged from the swinging stick. Knee pads to stop you from bleeding. Elbow pads to stop your elbows from being disjointed. Lacrosse is not a sport for girls. It is a tough sport that is just like football but with sticks connected to small catch nets. Players catch the ball with the stick and get it in the net of the opposing team. While the lacrosse players are doing this action, enemy players are shoving them with their chest. Player are not allowed to tackle them. But, they are allowed to push them in the dirt. The kids are hit pretty hard you know. They need something to keep their chest, arms, and face safe. I have added more reasons for wearing protective lacrosse gear below.

Lacrosse is a dangerous sport

Wear Helmets for Every Game

Best lacrosse helmets add defense for all areas of face. Each game you play, has balls and sticks being thrown at your face. Maybe you are pain tolerant. But, I thought I was too when I was playing tennis. I thought that plastic tennis racket was not going to give me a big red black eye. Your pain tolerance might be high. But, your body will look ugly if your not wearing a lacrosse helmet. The ball itself is not that hard. But, let it hit you unprotected too many times and you will need to go to hospital. Lacrosse helmets give your face and eyes full advantage on the field in terms of sight. Take this advantage along with the safety. In either case, protect yourself from all incoming impact aimed at your head by wearing a Best lacrosse helmets.

Lacrosse helmets

Another, the damage you incur out there is about the people you play with. Some people play to be friendly and have fun. Others, play to be absolutely ruthless. They honestly do not care about your well being. Will be more than happy to take a ball and bash it in your face and then  pretend it was an accident. I played baseball once and one of the guys hit me hard in the mouth. I still remember the pain. The ball hit me so willingly and the guy pretended it was an accident. There I was at the water fountain trying to get the blood out. Learn from my experience and wear a lacrosee helmet. Baseball is not the same sport as lacrosse, but the pain is something you don’t want to experience.

Shoulder Pads Are Good to Have

Shoulder Pads Are Good to Have

Next, we have the shoulder pads that came out no too long ago. Shoulder pads in lacrosse is good to have when you fall down hard. When you’re a kid, you can do this a lot. But, once you become an adult, you have to think about having the most safety because you have more important adult things to do. You can have your body giving out on you at the workplace. Not a way to please the boss. Apply shoulder pads to both shoulders and keep your bone structure tight and flexible. All kinds of people exist on the lacrosse field, that want to mess you up for good. Protect yourself so you can do other things you want to do in life.

 Mouth Guards Are Needed

Mouth Guards Are Needed

Mouth guards block all incoming damage to the mouth. Balls and shoulders can hit your mouth at any time. Re-up with a mouth guard for every lacrosse game. They feel a little weird in your mouth. But, that feeling will get easy after a few weeks. Sport players from all around the world use mouth guards. Especially, American football players and boxers. So, don’t get the feeling your the only one who wears mouth guards in lacrosse. Have some pride and wear mouth guard to protect your front and bottom set of teeth.

Summer League Recap: Pelicans 77 Knicks 72

The Knicks lost 77-72 to the Pellies (stolen from Zach Lowe) today at UNLV in Las Vegas. Mike Woodson’s hat game was on point as he sat in the stands with Glen Grunwald, a man who hasn’t gotten a haircut in a while. Jim Todd and his wonderful accent coached the team today – unfortunately, he wasn’t interviewed. There isn’t much to take from summer league games, so I don’t have a ton of notes for you today. However, there are some interesting prospects that will be relevant later on in the process, so I mainly paid attention to them.

  • Shumpert. Is. Not. A. Point. Guard. I’m all for developing his point guard skills – ball handling, creating off the dribble, distributing – but come meaningful hoops, he should be playing strictly off the ball. As we’ve seen in regular season action (remember that game in Memphis when Shumpert played point and was like 0-45 shooting at halftime?), Shumpert was ineffective running the point today. He had a nice lob to Tim Hardaway Jr and another good lob to Jeremy Tyler (I think it was Jeremy Tyler), but overall he wasn’t very good. He can’t really create anything in the pick and roll, nor can he create clean looks for himself off the dribble. These are skills he’ll need to develop as his career progresses. Again, you can’t take much from summer league games – hell, Renaldo Balkman looked like god in the 2006 LVSL – but I think it’s pretty clear at this point that Shumpert isn’t a point.
  • So we got to see Tim Hardaway Jr play for the first time. I wasn’t overly impressed, but he did some nice things. He got off to a good start shooting the ball, though he cooled down as the game went on. A player who was passive in college, Hardaway was anything but today. I liked his aggressiveness on offense, but his shot selection wasn’t great and his efficiency suffered because of it. However, we saw his athleticism on display on multiple occasions, which was nice. I thought he played pretty average defense. His off ball defense was solid, but Austin Rivers (ew) cooked him off the dribble a few times. Overall, I thought he was fine, not great. For his first NBA action, he held is own and showcased some of why the Knicks liked him in the draft.
  • On the broadcast, Breen asked Clyde about the Bargnani trade. Hilarity ensued as Clyde, as he’s done in the past, continued to pronounce Andrea’s name “Barn-yar-knee” and said it about 6 times. Also, he talked about how he didn’t really like the move (because Clyde is smart).
  • CJ Leslie is athletic. That was about it today. He moved well in transition, getting to the hoop once or twice, but his half-court offense was gross and his defense was iffy. Leslie had a wide open three that he bricked. If he’s going to make it in the NBA, he’s got to start hitting shots like that.
  • Jeremy Tyler intrigues me. He’s only 22 and obviously has a lot of room to grow. Today, we saw Tyler’s athleticism multiple occasions. Unfortunately, we also saw him not being good at basketball on multiple occasions. He gave really good effort and was trying to do the right things, except when he shot jump shots – DON’T EVER SHOOT ANOTHER JUMP SHOT JEREMY! THEY ARE DISGUSTING! – he just couldn’t quite do them. To be fair, his second half was actually pretty good. I’m not sure if he can ever develop into a starter or even a rotation level guy, but there’s clear room for growth here. It’ll be interesting to see how he plays moving forward.
  • Chris Smith was better than expected, but still below average. He played hard on defense and had a good sequence in the second half where he forced a pair of turnovers back-to-back, but his offense was atrocious. Smith’s shot selection was bad on multiple occasions, he air-balled an open three and had a play where he tried to alley-oop Hardaway (I think) over three people – needless to say, it didn’t work.
  • Eloy Vargas played a good game. He’s really big and can shoot a little bit, though I’d like to remind people on twitter that this is summer league. Vargas hit a three and immediately I saw a few tweets RT’d on my feed saying “Yeah Vargas! This guy is the next Copeland!” No more of that please, but yes Vargas can shoot a little bit. He was pretty much a non-factor on defense and on the boards, so he has a long way to go before he even gets a camp invite.
  • Toure’ Murry had a good game. Despite having to share a name with that douchebag on MSNBC, Murray scored 11 points on 6 shots. He played hard, and looks like he could be a nice D-League shooting guard. He hit some jump shots and had one of the few memorable plays of the game, splitting the Pellies defense and scoring at the rim.
  • Liam McMorrow is huge. That’s all I’ve got.
  • AJ Matthews played and scored a basket. I know literally nothing about him, other than that he’s from Brooklyn and that he’s tall.

There were like three other guys who played, but nothing notable happened. Knicks play again Sunday. Enjoy the weekend!