Best Knick Games of 2010 #7: Blowouts Over Raptors, Jazz

[youtube=] [youtube=] I chose 2 games for the 7th best game of the 2010 season. I chose two blowouts that the post Melo trade era teams. The scores of the two games were Knicks 131 Raptors 118 and Knicks 131 Jazz 109. In my opinion these games, while they look like old fashion NBA blowouts, have a little bit more meaning than people believe. These were games in which Amare and Carmelo meshed together and both had great games. These games to me, showed the potential that this team has on the offensive side of the basketball.

In the Toronto game, the Knicks were flawless on offense. Amare and Carmelo both had 23 points, Douglas had 28 points. Billups only took 8 shots and had 9 assists, a style that I think benefits the team more than having him take 20 shots and having 5 assists. Billups ended up with 13, Fields had 10 and Derrick Brown got some playing time and had a monster dunk. It was a great game where the whole team meshed on offense. It was a great blueprint of what the team should be next year, Amare and Melo touch the ball, Billups is a distributor, other guys score then Melo and STAT get to rest for the 4th quarter.

In the Jazz game, the Knicks came out of the gate firing. They scored 40 points in the first quarter. Once again, Melo and Amare played well together and couldn’t be stopped. Carmelo had 34 and Amare had 31 to lead the Knicks. Jeffries was the only player not to score in the game. The Knicks shot 56% and 50% from 3. The game was a flawless offensive one for the Knicks.

These 2 games show the potential that the Knicks have. If they can learn to play together, this team will score with ease and will be damn near un-guardable. These games were flashes of how this team can play. That is why I chose these 2 games as a combo for the 7th best game of last season.

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Amare “Thinks” He’s Staying in the States

There have been a ton of reports lately on whether Amare is staying in the states or if he is going to go to Israel or Europe. Amare provided an update via twitter a couple days ago:

“Europe teams are calling, I think I’m going 2 stay here in the states. My loyalty is with the State of New York an the NYK’s. Who’s with me?”

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I love Amare but if there is anyone who should benefit from the lockout, its Amare. He will have extended time to rest his knees and his back and recharge for next season or whenever the next season is. I know nothing is final but it does sound more and more like he is going to remain in the states.

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Amar’e Re-Signs with Nike

[youtube=] Last week on twitter, Amar’e (@Amareisreal) announced his shoe free agency on twitter:

“My shoe deal is about up. I wonder who I should sign with. Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Under armor,or build a company up into a power show company”

“Stay tune to which shoe I choose. It’s a hard choice, when every shoe brand Is gr8. #Forthefans lettgo #ChrisBrownVoice”

On July 6, Amare re-signed with Nike. He released the video above announcing his re-signing. Last year, he wore customized Nike Zoom Huarache Trainers. He has now designed a new Nike shoe.  The Nike Zoom Hyperdunk 2011- Amare Stoudemire Exclusive is a great looking shoe and I hope to see him wearing it at MSG whenever the season starts. Given his past wearing the Huarache Trainers, it is unknown whether he will wear these shoes.

Nike Zoom Hyperdunk 2011:


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Melo and STAT Look Into Europe Movement

Today Marc Stein reported on ESPN that in fact Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire have reached out to the NBA players association about the possibility of playing basketball over seas. This comes after the news that Derron Williams, the exceptional Nets point guard, has reached a deal to play in Turkey if the lockout goes into next season. The video can be found here.

In the video Stein makes the point that right now everybody is just trying to get information. I think Carmelo and Amare, like all players, wanna play basketball. That is what they are paid to do. That is what they love to do. They aren’t dumb guys, they realize this lockout will probably go into next season and there is a good chance there may not be a next season. They wanna play and get paid. Derron Williams seems to have gotten a great deal in Turkey. As Stein points out, there probably are not as many lucrative offers out there like the one Williams got. While a lot of players want to go and play overseas, it will be interesting to see how many actually go because in order to go they have to get a deal worth their time. Kobe isn’t going to go overseas and play for 800,000 with no out clause and no medical insurance. Players need to have lucrative deals to lure them from the United States.

The whole international movement could impact the Knicks. Stoudemire and Carmelo, I imagine, will be sought after by international teams as they are two of the best players we have in the game today. The only possible scenario in which I like them playing is if they are able to get a deal in which they get to play on the same team, or play on a team with other Knicks. For example, if they signed contracts to play on the same Turkish team with medical insurance and an out clause then yes I would be okay with them going and building some chemistry. I would be more okay with Carmelo going then Stoudemire. Carmelo a) could use the conditioning and extra work and b) has been consistently healthy with no major injuries. STAT, as much as I love him, is an injury concern. He is recovering from that freak back injury he suffered in the playoffs and has terrible knees. He needs as much rest on his body as he can get. It will be interesting to see where this whole thing goes but I think for right now, the Knicks superstars are just building up information and will make a decision further down the road.

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Best Knick Games of 2010 #8: Knicks 93 Heat 88

[youtube=] Being a Heat hater, this was one of my favorite games of the year. This wasn’t as great as the 2nd Heat victory (more on that later) but this was one of the better games all season. It was the first time this season that the Knicks knocked off the new look Heat and the fact that they did it in front of a loud, celebrity filled MSG crowd made it an awesome game.

It was a competitive game throughout that saw the Knicks make an epic late game comeback. The first half was close as Miami won each quarter by 1 point and lead by 2 at halftime. Wade suffered from his migraine that caused him to wear orange goggles. He had 34 points but missed all 7 shots he took in the 4th and was 6/14 from the free throw line. Amare kept the Knicks in the game with 24 points but the Knicks trailed by 9 to start the 4th. Fields had his best game of the season with 19 points and Gallo had 20. Gallo was the man in the 4th quarter. Shawne Williams and Gallo led the Knicks on a great comeback. Gallinari’s 3 with 5 minutes to go gave the Knicks a 77-76 lead. Fields then hit a 3 followed by STAT getting to the line. The Knicks led 86-84 when Gallinari and Fields hit back to back 3′s to ice the game. 4 Raymond Felton free throws later the game was over, Knicks 93 Heat 88.

It was a great win for the old Knicks, they once again showed great heart, passion and effort. This was my favorite game of the old team, it personified their teamwork in that Fields, Shawne Williams and Gallinari all played just as big of a role as STAT did in winning this game. This was the 8th best Knick game of this season and it was beautiful to see our boys take out the big 3 in front of a passionate Madison Square Garden crowd.

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Report: Knicks Assistant Coaches Sign Through Next Season

According to Marc Berman of the NY Post, all 3 of Mike D’Antoni’s assistant coaches have signed extensions for next season.

“A source said Mike D’Antoni’s assistant coaches — Dan D’Antoni, Phil Weber, Herb Williams and Kenny Atkinson — have signed contract extensions for next season, though the club has not and will not announce it. D’Antoni has plans to add another defensive assistant to the staff.”

I like the current coaching staff and I’m pleased to see that they’ll be back next season. I’m also excited for D’Antoni to hire a defensive coordinator. We need one and I’m praying that Lawrence Frank isn’t snatched up by Detroit and that he’ll come to be our defensive coordinator. If he’s the coach in Detroit then other names I have heard are former Oklahoma Sooner head coach Kelvin Sampson, Memphis assistant Dave Joerger and Orlando assistant Steve Clifford. There hasn’t been much news lately about the search although the Knicks are currently trying to find the right man for the job.

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Best Knick Games of 2010 #9: Knicks 128 Spurs 115

[youtube=] The 9th best Knick game from last season was the Knicks dominating victory over the then 29-4 San Antonio Spurs. To me this was the game that most illustrates what the pre-Carmelo team was all about. They were a fast paced, exciting team with great team chemistry and heart. They played with great passion and togetherness and this was illustrated as they picked apart the then best team in the NBA.

The game began in excitement with Amare finding Landry Fields on an alley-oop. It was a back and forth game throughout the first half as DeJuan Blair dominated on the boards. He had an insane tip in on a rebound and then a big dunk that drew a shoulder from Turiaf resulting in a technical foul. Turiaf then tried to say that Blair initiated the contact which, even in my biased eyes, was a bit ridiculous but it was comical. Both teams were dominant on offense and sub par on defense. It was a fast paced half as the halftime score was 72-69 in favor of the Knicks. In the second half and primarily the 4th quarter the Knicks just out ran the Spurs. Chandler was fantastic with 31. Felton and STAT had 28 a piece. The game was still close up until about the 6 minute mark when the Knicks started to pull away. Felton had 2 buckets, Douglas hit a 3 and after a Stoudemire layup the Knicks led by 11, 122-111. San Antonio then called a timeout and pulled all their starters which was beautiful. The Knicks cruised the last 3 minutes of the game and won 128-115.

I chose this as the 9th best game of the season because it was a great illustration of the old Knicks beating down on a team that was more talented. This team won with hustle and heart and it was a pleasure to watch them play. I throughly enjoyed watching them night in and night out as they won game after game that they weren’t supposed to win. This team brought the Knicks to where they are today. This game was a great win for them and shouldn’t be forgotten.


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Best Knick Games of 2010 #10: Season Opener vs. Toronto

[youtube=] There were so many great games from this past season that I didn’t know where to begin, so I started from the beginning. The 10th best Knick game from this past season is the 98-93 season opening victory over the Toronto Raptors.

This game was exciting through its duration. Amare got the show going with a transition dunk early in the game. Turiaf had a poster dunk in the 2nd quarter. Jarrett Jack played a great game with 16 points and Reggie Evans dominated the boards with 16 rebounds for Toronto. In the 4th quarter with the Knicks down 1, Chandler hit a beautiful step back jumper to put the Knicks up 1 then minutes later spins and fires another jumper in the cup to stick the Knicks up 4. At about the 5 minute mark Amare packs Andrea Bargnani on a layup attempt to preserve a 2 point lead. As the 4th quarter winds down, Amare hits his second of back to back post shots at the 2:40 mark to put the Knicks up 96-88. On the next two possessions, STAT misses a layup and turns it over. Chandler takes control of the ball the final few possessions and goes cold. He misses from 3 and he misses a 10 foot runner. Jarrett Jack hits the last 4 points for Toronto to put them down 96-93 with 59 seconds remaining. The Raptors then miss a 2 3 pointers followed by 2 Ray Felton free throws and Jack’s missed 3 with time running out ends a season opening thriller. Knicks 98 Raptors 93.

This game for me is important because it got the team off to a great 1-0 start. It wasn’t a perfect game but for the first time since they were 7-6 to start the year in ’08 the Knicks had a winning record. One of my favorite things about this game was that no one player dominated the game for the Knicks. Wilson Chandler, Amare Stoudemire and Raymond Felton were the offensive cogs in this one. Chander had 22, Amare 19 and Felton 15. The Knicks even out-rebounded Toronto 49-45 (a trend that didn’t stay for the rest of the year) and held them to 38% shooting. It was a great way to start a great season for the Knicks.


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Best Knick Games of 2010

With the lack of news due to the upcoming lockout, I’m getting innovative. I’m going to recap what I believe were the 10 best Knick victories from this past season. I’ll put on highlights from the game and recap the game below. Hope you enjoy!

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New Knicks Announcer Charged With DWI

On July 21, the Knicks hired Spero Dedes away from the Lakers to be the new radio and part time play by play man replacing Mike Crispino. Early Sunday morning in Queens, Dedes, 32, was pulled over for speeding and was then charged with a DWI. He was released on 500 dollars bail.

What a great start to Dedes Knicks career. It doesn’t really mean anything but I thought it was kinda funny. Get a job and a little more than a week later wear a DWI. Kinda funny. Great job Spero!

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