The Final Word on Jerome Jordan Deal

I have been on vacation the past 2 weeks so I have not been able to post many posts so now I will catch up on all the posts that I have fallen behind on. One of them was all the Jerome Jordan news that went on the past week.

Last week Jerome Jordan, the 7 foot center who was a second round pick that the Knicks purchased from Milwaukee last offseason, signed a deal to play in Slovenia for the Krka club in the event of a lockout. Last season, Jordan played in Serbia for KK Hermofam. The great thing about Jordans contract is that he has an out clause for next season. It has been reported that the Knicks will buy Jordan out for 500,000 from Krka when the lockout ends. I love this move for Jordan in that he can get playing time that he needs to refine his game and when the Knicks can play games they will have him. It is also a great move for Jordan because as a 2nd round pick he is guaranteed nothing from the Knicks. There is a chance he will not make the team when the NBA resumes. He will for sure be playing ball for money and he can play for the Knicks whenever the season starts. It is great for Jordan and great for the Knicks. I am very interested to see how he contributes once NBA games start being played. If he becomes a stud, or at least an above average defensive center, he will contribute greatly to the Knicks.

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Mike Woodson to Interview For Knicks Defensive Assistant Position

According to Marc Berman of the NY Post, former Knicks draftee and Atlanta Hawks coach Mike Woodson will interview for the Knicks Defensive Assistant position this week.

“Mike Woodson, former Hawks head coach, is expected to be in New York this week interviewing with Knicks head coach Mike D’Antoni to become his defensive assistant coach, according to a person familiar with the situation.”

Woodson is not particularly known as a “defensive genius” but he was a good coach in Atlanta and is a former player. I believe he will be open to a 1 year contract because he was, like Lawrence Frank, rumored for multiple head coaching jobs this offseason and will be rumored for many more next offseason. I think this would be a fantastic hire if we could make it. However that is a big if. For starters, Woodson is also being considered for the vacant Minnesota Timberwolves head coaching position. Woodson also has the same agent, Joe Glass, that represents ex Knick coach Larry Brown. Brown and Glass did not have a good relationship with Dolan and management while Brown was the coach and that relationship only got worse when Brown was fired and his contract situation had to be sorted out by the NBA. Who knows if Dolan will even agree to let Woodson be hired if he in fact is D’Antoni’s choice. There are many question marks around this hire but I think if we could get Woodson we would improve greatly next season.

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The Dolan-Prokhorov Rivalry Continues

The ever entertaining rivalry between Knicks owner James Dolan and Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov is starting to get a bit ridiculous. Last Thursday (I’m delayed on these posts because I am on vacation) it was announced that James Dolan has joined the board of Live Nation. I have no idea why or how they would allow him on this board as he is a bumbling idiot but he is now on it. This is funny because, the New Jersey Nets are set to open up their new arena, the Barclays Center, in 2012. The owner of the Nets of course is Mikhail Prokorov. The same man who infuriated Dolan with the infamous Nets poster near Madison Square Garden and the competition for both LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony. It is speculated that Dolan will try to use his new board membership to attempt to limit the amount of Live Nation events occuring at the Barclays Center. Whether he succeeds or not is a different story but I think it is quite funny how Dolan and Prokhorov are taking their rivalry outside the NBA into the business world. I am eagerly awaiting news on how Prokohorov will retaliate to this. Whatever he decides to do, I promise you it will be entertaining.


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Lawrence Frank to be New Coach in Detroit

According to Marc Stein to the Pistons have tabbed Celtics assistant coach Lawrence Frank to become their next head coach. This is detremental to the Knicks because Frank was Mike D’Antoni’s top choice to run the Knicks defense. He was rumored to be a strong candidtate in New York due to his time spent with the team before last season and the fact that his family remained in New Jersey while he coached with Boston this past season. Its unknown where the Knicks go from here. It is a mystery to me why the Knicks did not go hard after former Rockets assistant Elston Turner who now holds the defensive coordinator job with the Phoenix Suns. It will be interesting to see where the Knicks go from here as now Minnesota is the only open coaching vacancy with everybody else having a good part of their staffs in order. I was afraid this would happen and it has. It is not the end of the world but Frank would have been a fabulous fit with the Knicks.

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Knicks Finish Season Below the Luxury Tax Threshold

Thanks again Donnie Walsh. It was announced Saturday that the Knicks finished the season with a $67 million payroll, $3 million below the $70 million luxury-tax threshold. This was the first season since 1999 that the Knicks finished below the threshold having paid $20-30 million annually under jackasses Scott Layden and Isiah “Zeke” Thomas. Once again Donnie Walsh continues to make strides and this is a stride that cheap ass James Dolan ought to appreciate. Dolan, being the money hungry power monger that he is, should appreciate what Walsh has done for his organization. While his man lover Mr. Thomas was producing losers on the court while costing Dolan $30 million annually, Walsh has produced a winner and SAVED Dolan from paying money over the cap. In the end, this accomplishment is just one of many you can add to Donnie Walsh’s tenure with the Knicks and in the end it will not matter due to James Dolan’s moronic and egotistical ways of running his team.

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Knicks 2011-2012 Schedule Released

This afternoon the 2011-2012 Knicks schedule was released. Granted, this schedule will probably be changed due to the lockout but it is still nice to get excited for all the marquee games the Knicks will have. As Alan Hahn of Newsday points out, the Knicks are on ABC Sunday 4 times, TNT Thursday 8 times and ESPN 10 times. I am down to see all these games on national tv because we now are a national team with star power but we better not have LeBron syndrome and choke a lot of these games late. With all the national exposure will come a lot of criticism if we are not successful.

Here are some of the marquee games from the schedule:

Nov 2 vs. Miami

Nov 16 at Denver

Nov 17 at LA Lakers

Dec 7 vs. San Antonio

Dec 25 vs. Celtics

Jan 27 at Heat

Feb 2 vs. Chicago

Feb 10 vs. LA Lakers

Feb 19 vs. Dallas

Mar 4 at Boston

Mar 12 at Chicago

Apr 5 at Orlando

Apr 8 vs. Chicago

Apr 10 at Chicago

Apr 15 vs. Miami

Apr 17 vs. Boston

The Knicks full 2011-2012 schedule can be seen here.


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NBA Schedule to be Released Tomorrow Afternoon

Despite the fact that the 2011-2012 NBA season is likely to be missed the NBA will still release its schedule tomorrow at 2 pm eastern time. Howard Beck of the New York Times says that the Knicks will open versus Miami on Nov. 2 and will play Boston on Christmas Day.

“If the lockout is resolved in time, the 2011-12 season will open with the Chicago Bulls playing in Dallas, against the defending-champion Mavericks, according to

The Knicks — who will be playing in a newly renovated Madison Square Garden — are scheduled to open play Nov. 2, against the Miami Heat, according to a person who has seen the schedule. The Knicks are also scheduled to play a marquee game on Christmas, against the Boston Celtics.”

Lets just hope there is a 2011-2012 season so we can actually see Amare, Melo and the gang play out a full NBA schedule. I would settle for like a 50 game schedule because at least we would have games but I am praying that we can get a full schedule in. I think the NBA has a lot of momentum right now. Last season was the best season I think the NBA has had in my lifetime, or since I have been watching the NBA closely (since about 2004). It would be sad to see the momentum to the league killed and again I am praying for a full season next year.


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Knicks Let Rodney Heard Go

Earlier this year, the Knicks and east coast scouting director Rodney Heard were fined on behalf of a 2010 yahoo article uncovering years of illegal workouts performed by Heard. The Knicks were fined 200,000 and Heard 20,000. The yahoo sports article written by Adrian Wojnarowski can be found here. Heard is most famous for holding an illegal workout with Kansas forward Brandon Rush in an Atlanta gymnasium that resulted in a bad knee injury causing Rush to go back to Kansas for another season.

Rodney Heard had an expiring contract this offseason and the Knicks have decided to part ways with him. Heard came to the Knicks as a close friend of Isiah Thomas so it should be no surprise that he caused the Knicks tons of PR trouble and money with his illegal workouts. I was happy to hear that Heard and the organization were going separate ways. We do not need anymore Isiah Thomas shit going on in the organization.


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Best Knick Games of 2010 #6: Carmelo’s Game Winner Against Memphis

[youtube=] The 6th best game of last season was the Knicks 110-108 victory over the Memphis Grizzlies. This game is important because not only was it an entertaining game but Carmelo Anthony showed his value as he hit the game winning shot with .5 seconds left in the game. It was a game the Knicks dominated for 3 quarters but, as most NBA games go, the Grizzlies stormed back in the 4th quarter and almost took the game. To me, it was a great team victory as Fields, Douglas and Roger Mason Jr all pitched in with significant contributions with Billups injured.

The Knicks got off to a good start with Stoudemire hitting 3 of the Knicks first 4 baskets. Melo hit his first 2 shots, both 3 pointers, and had 12 in the first quarter. Knicks led 30-27 at the end of the first quarter. The second quarter got off to a good start as Mason and Fields pushed the lead to 35-27. STAT and Melo contributed with 18 second quarter points and the Knicks led 61-53 at halftime. The third quarter was a scoring bonanza for the blue and orange as they scored 35 points. Melo had 5 and Amare had 6 but this quarter was about the team. The scoring was spread out between Mason, Douglas and Fields. Hell Jeffries even hit a jump shot! Jeffries!!! That should have been a sign that the team was going to win the game. The Knicks led 96-82 after the third quarter and it looked like they would cruise to a victory in Memphis. The 4th quarter was a completely different story than the third quarter was. The Knicks did not score a point until a Shawne Williams jumper at the 7:24 mark put the Knicks up 98-90. They completely went cold and let Memphis back into the game. Darrell Arthur had the first 8 points of the quarter for Memphis as they had all the momentum going forward. The Knicks then found their rhythm as they started to hit some shots. A second made free throw by Carmelo Anthony put the Knicks up 108-98 with 3:36 to go. Jeffries then had 2 turnovers and the momentum began to sway towards the Memphis bench. A Darrell Arthur poster dunk over Jeffries made it a 108-104 game as the Knicks went cold the rest of the quarter. Then Carmelo committed a terrible foul with the Knicks up 3 on a Zach Randolph 5 footer right in front of the rim and gave him a 3 point play. Randolph’s free throw tied up the game at 108 with 14 seconds to go. The Knicks went right down the floor and gave it to Melo isolated on Tony Allen. Game Over. Melo drained the shot with .5 seconds to go and the Knicks went on to win the game 110-108.

This was one of the best games all year because of its excitement but also how every player chipped in. It was a total team win over a very very good Memphis team. Melo and Amare again played well together scoring 31 and 26 points respectively but they were not the sole scorers in this game. Fields had 16, Douglas had 18 and Mason had 10. I have always said going forward that if the Knicks can find consistent scoring from somebody like Douglas off the bench, or at least 10 a game from Fields, that they will be in great shape. With Amare and Melo getting theirs and Billups doing his thing, the Knicks do not need a ton of bench scoring but basketball is not played with 3 guys. The Knicks need a consistent bench and supporting cast and this game really was the epitome of what I am talking about. That is why I chose it as the 6th best Knick game of last season.


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Beautiful LeBron Mashup

[youtube=] I know this is a Knicks blog but being a total heat/LeBron hater I had to post this. I know it is a popular video but if you have not seen DJ Steve Porter’s LeBron James Mashup then you have to see it. It is absolutely hilarious. Enjoy.


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