If You Don’t Understand Decertification, Read This Article

This is a great article written by Larry Coon of ESPN explaining Union decertification and what would happen in the event that decertification happens.

Here is the article

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James Dolan the Rational Man?

According to Berman of the NY Post:

Knicks owner James Dolan is frustrated the lockout rages on and the club’s season opener tomorrow against the Heat at the Garden has been wiped out. But Dolan, part of the owners’ negotiating committee, is content about one of the agreed-upon aspects of a new collective bargaining agreement: the size of the salary cap will not go down.

More than any team in the NBA, that will benefit Dolan’s big-market Knicks the most, ironically.

According to multiple sources, one of the resolved issues in a new CBA is the 2011 salary cap will remain at the level as it was in 2010 — $58 million.

Ironically, Dolan has been seated across from Paul, who is the Knicks’ top priority, during many of the labor bargaining sessions because Paul is on the union’s negotiation committee.

According to a players source, Dolan has been the least combative of the owners and often serves as a mediator during contentious moments.

“He’s tried to keep the parties on point,’’ the source said. “He’s trying to make a deal, seeing a positive spin. He’s been, in a word, productive.’’

This does not surprise me in the least because Dolan is a strong business man. His basketball IQ and decision making are what I have always criticized but the man does know how to do business. This NBA labor dispute is a business, not a basketball, dispute. This is why a deal has yet to get done because emotions have interfered with rational decision making. Dolan is a smart business man and he clearly understands the economics of his team as it pertains to this lockout. He understands that his Knicks are one of the premier products the NBA has to offer. Dolan’s team is coming off its first playoff appearance since 2001, he has acquired two of the league’s superstars onto his roster, his team plays in the biggest market in the country and he has a new arena to unveil. No team has more to lose from a missed season than the New York Knicks. Dolan realizes this. He also realizes that by working to keep the cap at 58 million he will have enough money to sign one more max contract. Dolan is a business man. What will bring in more revenue than having 2 superstars on his team. Having 3. While I still question Dolan’s overall intelligence in terms of rational decision making (not trusting Donnie Walsh, trusting Isiah) and in terms of his basketball IQ (do you really need an example?), it has never been in question that Dolan is a strong business man. Therefore this article by Berman does not surprise me although I do wish some of Dolan’s business smarts would carry over into his basketball IQ.

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Patrick Ewing Top 10 Plays

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Amar’e Stars in New Nike Commercial


Like the latest Jordan brand commercial, this lockout themed Nike commercial is really well done. It features LeBron, Coach K and Duke, Kevin Durant and Amar’e Stoudemire playing basketball around the country like they are right now. I really like how they have the arena’s dark and everything and use a spotlight throughout the commercial. It is very cool. Enjoy

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Classic Knicks: The Hue Hollins Game


I’ve been having Knicks/basketball withdrawals lately so I have been watching classic NBA games on youtube. This is maybe my favorite classic game is the 1994 semifinals game 5 between the Knicks and Bulls. The Knicks famously caught a break in this game on the Hue Hollins foul call on Scottie Pippen that resulted in a 87-86 Knicks victory.

The game is split into 15 parts on youtube. Part 1 is all messed up so I posted part 2 and you will be able to watch the whole game on there. Enjoy.

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Melo, CP3, Wade Star in Lockout Relevant Jordan Commercial


I think the concept for this commercial is genius. Using the lockout to create a fresh and exciting commercial is a great move by the PR people over at Jordan brand. Obviously, I am very pro owner but even I can come to appreciate a great ad about the players being “victimized” by the lockout. I wouldn’t exactly say that guys like Melo, CP3 and D Wade refusing to take a 2% pay reduction (a figure Melo probably makes in one shoe deal alone) in exchange for playing basketball is them having their love of the game stripped from them. Either way this is a very entertaining commercial and a great move by the Jordan brand.

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Amar’e Gets a Job at Foot Locker

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How Funny is that Danilo Gallinari-Kim Kardashian Story?


So apparently Kim Kardashian wanted to watch former Knick Danilo Gallinari take a sheet…

“Kardashian was so eager to land a basketball player, the site says, that she had producers at E!, the home of her reality shows, contact NBA teams about potential beaus. Sources say that producers at the network called the Knicks to find out if the team’s handsome Italian import, Gallinari, was single.

They asked if he would be interested in dating her and being on a reality show,” a source told the site. “Danilo said he would love to meet Kim but was not interested in dating her or being on a reality show … Even though E! explained it would be great for his career, Gallinari turned the offer down.”

Kardashian reportedly wanted a New York sports star to date to coincide with the debut of her series “Kourtney & Kim Take New York” in January. Apparently she settled on the Tri-State area and Nets player Humphries. The pair started dating in December 2010.” from the NY Post

So Kim wanted the Italian Stallion!! Do we need anymore proof that she is…you know? How do you feel if you are Kris Humphries? Actually knowing Kris Humphries he probably doesn’t even care.

Personally I don’t really care about this story. Everybody knows about Kim Kardashian and her plethora of high profile relationships and sex tapes. While she is very attractive, I think Gallo made the right choice here. Good for him to stay out of the whole media circus that comes along with any member of that Kardashian family. This story is just so funny. Way to go Kim. Once again you look like a total ass (no pun intended) and you will likely have an annulment on your hands.

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Will A Deal Be Done By Sunday?

Throughout these negotiations, I have firmly been optimistic every step along the way. That has been a mistake as the NBA has disappointed me every step of the way. Despite holding marathon meetings after marathon meetings, the NBA and its players have failed to come close to making a deal much less punching a deal across the goal line. They have gone three and out every drive for the past two years. Despite how poorly talks have gone, there is once again a great deal of optimism surrounding this weeks discussions. Once again I feel confident a deal will be struck soon but this time I feel more confident than ever.

I believe there is a 70% chance that a deal, in principle of course, will be struck by Sunday night. There are multiple reasons for my optimism on this.

  • When a deal in principle is reached, there will be a 30 day period in which free agency will begin, training camps will begin, the exhibition season will occur and the new CBA will be drafted and ratified. If the NBA is to squeeze in an 82 game season, they will need to have the season start in early December at the latest. If a deal in principle is reached by Sunday, October 30th, the season hypothetically could start December 1st. That would save the NBA’s trademark Christmas Day games and would allow the NBA to potentially fit in an 82 game season.
  • Multiple NBA stars have dropped out of the “World Tour” that was supposed to take place promoting the game all over the world. This was something the stars had their eyes set on and were excited for. What possible reasons would make them drop out? Maybe they know something we don’t. Maybe a deal is close.
  • I believe the players must by now realize that they have very little leverage in these negotiations as reality has begun to set in with them. Owners are willing to miss a season. Players need a season.
At the end of the day, the owners gain more leverage every day while the players lose theirs. The owners actually benefit and make money from this lockout. They cash in on TV deals (despite no broadcasted games), they do not have to pay the players and they do not have to pay arena workers. The players gain nothing from this lockout, they only lose millions (or billions depending on the length of the lockout) of dollars they will never get back, they lose time off of their careers and they lose their spotlight in the public eye. This is the time for the players to cut the best deal they will get and I believe that will happen this week.
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Melo Drops Out of World Tour

The NBA Players “World Tour” seems to be unraveling. In the last two days, stars have been dropping from the tour like flies. Yesterday Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook dropped out while LeBron James, Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony dropped out today.

Could the NBA have a deal coming? Why else would these guys be turning down a million dollars each? Maybe they know that a deal is close. I take the collapse of this world tour as a good sign in that if they had no reason not to play, they would play. Clearly there is something going on and this is a strong indication that  a deal is close. Stay tuned.

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