What’s This We Hear About Iman Shumpert Playing Point Guard?

What’s This We Hear About Iman Shumpert Playing Point Guard?

As the focus around New York Knicks basketball is quickly shifting from a disappointing 2013 to “now what?” in 2014, let us take a breather from the Knick-less NBA Conference Finals to discuss our promising young friend, Iman Shumpert, and his future. Late last week, ESPN New York’s Jared Zwerling tweeted that the team could be using Shumpert at point guard some next season, and he’ll be working to improve his skills there this summer.

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With one or both of Pablo Prigioni and Jason Kidd possibly walking away from New York before next year, the Knicks definitely have a need at the point guard position behind Raymond Felton. After watching Shumpert used almost exclusively as a wing in 2013, Zwerling’s tweets came as a bit of a shock. But the news isn’t completely out of nowhere. More

2013 NBA Draft Profiles: Tony Snell

2013 NBA Draft Profiles: Tony Snell

Today’s featured draft profile will be on the University of New Mexico’s mellow sharpshooter, Tony Snell. Nicknamed the “Silent Assassin” by the Lobos faithful, Snell prefers to let his game do the talking, enforcing that reputation with his impressive showing last season against George Mason where he ignited for 27 points on only 12 shots; including the game winning 3-pointer with 01.2 left in the game. What did Snell do after? Get right back on defense.

Birthday: 11/10/91 – Projected NBA Position(s): Shooting Guard/Small Forward - Class: Junior - Ht: 6-7 - Wt: 198 - Hometown: Riverside, CA

2012-13 Per Game Averages: 12.5 Points – 2.9 Assists – 2.6 Rebounds – 42.2 FG% – 39.0 3P% – 84.3 FT%

Snell's Pre-Draft Combine Results

Snell’s Pre-Draft Combine Results


2013 NBA Draft Profiles: Tim Hardaway Jr.

2013 NBA Draft Profiles: Tim Hardaway Jr.

Today’s featured profile will be on Michigan shooting guard, Tim Hardaway Jr. Yes, THAT Hardaway. The son of the UTEP alum, who gave the Knicks fits in the 90′s, as a member of the Miami Heat, with his scoring ability and signature crossover, has declared for the draft after a strong Junior year. One of my top 5 players at the shooting guard position in this year’s draft, Hardaway has matured from a wiry spot-up shooter at Miami Palmetto Senior High School into one of the most polished and NBA-ready prospects available.

Birthday: 3/16/92 – Projected NBA Position: Shooting Guard – Class: Junior – Ht: 6-6 – Wt: 200 – Hometown: Miami, FL

2012-13 Per Game Averages: 14.5 Points – 2.4 Assists – 4.7 Rebounds – 43.7 FG% – 37.4 3P% – 69.4 FT%

Tim Hardaway Jr.'s Pre-Draft Combine Results

Hardaway Jr.’s Pre-Draft Combine Results


2013 NBA Draft Profiles: Shane Larkin

2013 NBA Draft Profiles: Shane Larkin

Today’s featured draft profile is on University of Miami standout, Shane Larkin. Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows two things: I love point guards, and I’ve been sold on Larkin since the Hurricane’s 27-point flogging of Duke, a contest in which Larkin shined with 18 points, 10 rebounds, and 5 assists. The sophomore guard was expected to return to Miami after the Canes won the ACC regular season and tournament championships, but decided to take his shot at the NBA early.

Birthday: 10/2/92 – Projected NBA Position: Point Guard – Class: Sophomore – Ht: 5-11 – Wt: 171 – Hometown: Orlando, FL

2012-13 Per Game Averages: 14.5 Points – 4.6 Assists – 3.8 Rebounds – 47.9 FG% – 40.6 3P% – 77.7 FT%

Larkin's Pre-Draft Combine Results

Larkin’s Pre-Draft Combine Results


Knicks Salary Cap Situation and How it Impacts Offseason Moves

Guest post written by Tony Lombardo (@TweetKnick)

This is a hopefully brief look at the Knicks salary situation going into this offseason and what kinds of moves they can and can not make to improve the team. First, let’s look at the players already on the roster for next year:

Player Salary Salary Type Years Remaining
Amar’e Stoudemire $21,679,893 Guaranteed Contract 2
Carmelo Anthony $21,490,000 Guaranteed Contract 1 + 1 year player option
Tyson Chandler $14,100,538 Guaranteed Contract 2
Raymond Felton $4,180,000 Guaranteed Contract 2 + 1 year player option
Steve Novak $3,750,001 Guaranteed Contract 3
Marcus Camby $3,383,773 Guaranteed Contract 2
Jason Kidd $3,090,000 Guaranteed Contract 2
Iman Shumpert $1,797,600 Guaranteed Contract 2 + 1 year team option
First Round Draft Pick $997,300 Guaranteed Contract 3 + 1 year team option
Total $74,469,105 Guaranteed Contracts

The Knicks have $74,469,105 committed to eight players plus their first round draft pick on guaranteed contracts for next year. Barring trade or retirement, these are numbers we can lock in. We’ll get to how trades or retirements could impact the team in a bit. First, let’s look at other relevant salary numbers for the off-season. More

Where Do The Knicks Go From Here?

A look at the Knicks situation moving forward


The curtain fell on the 2012-2013 New York Knicks season Saturday night in Indiana and moving forward, the team has a plethora of questions surrounding it’s future. By most accounts, this team overachieved this season. Most intelligent entities pegged the team as a 45-51 win team that might squeeze out a top 3 seed. Not a contender. They won 54 games, a division title, and defeated the rival Celtics in the first round of the playoffs. New York still ended up not being a contender, but they were better than most people (myself included) believed they would be. More

Meloship of the Ring Podcast Episode 2

Dan and I discuss all things Knicks-Pacers, including Woodson’s bad coaching, Kidd’s bad playing, and WHERE THE HELL IS PRIGIONI!?!

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Did Tyson Chandler Deserve NBA First Team All-Defense?

Tyson is awesome, but was he deserving of such a high accolade?


Earlier today, Knicks center Tyson Chandler was named NBA first team All-Defense. Chandler is one of the best defenders in the league, as well as one of the game’s top centers. However, his injury riddled season combined with an iffy Knicks defensive scheme resulted in Chandler being much less effective this season than in his 2011 Defensive Player of the Year campaign. When he won that award last season, he was voted second team All-Defense. This years winner, Memphis’ Marc Gasol, finds himself in the same circumstance. The simple and likely explanation for this is that the coaches are always a year behind in these awards/accolades. Next year, Gasol will replace Chandler on the first team All-Defense.


J.R Smith Must Wake Up

Where’s the playoff pipe?


Quasi-elbowing that was considered a real elbowing, a proclaimed funeral that was actually a near-death experience, clubbing excessively (not seals), Twitter ranting, and the like; J.R Smith has never been the same on the court. The inefficient Sixth Man of The Year in the playoffs as of recent has been worrisome. It’s at a point where people prefer him to be on the bench rather than on the court, so people’s eyes could be saved from the hydrochloric acid being poured into their eyes that is the ghastly shooting percentages posted ever since he came back from his quasi-Bill Cartwright elbow incident on Jason Terry. Of course, it’s J.R in a nutshell; his cool shooting performances resulted in a playoff homecoming of “Bad J.R,” and playoffs “Good J.R” is still nowhere to be found. Let’s take a look at his recent shooting percentages: More

Carmelo Anthony Must Be Better Than This

Melo needs to play better


Seven games into the 2013 playoffs, the newly crowned NBA scoring champion is struggling mightily and his team has followed suit. Carmelo Anthony has yet to find his offensive stroke, recording a woeful 47.6 true shooting percentage. In large part due to the struggles of their cornerstone offensive weapon, the high powered Knicks offense of the regular season has found itself performing at the worst level of the remaining playoff teams. In fact, it’s not even close. The Knicks are scoring just 97.3 points per 100 possessions. Indiana comes in as the second worst offense. They’re scoring 101.5 points per 100 possessions, which is sizably better than their 2nd round counterpart.

Anthony hasn’t been the only Knick to struggle. Tyson Chandler hasn’t been fully healthy, hampering his mobility and ability to set good screens – a crucial part of the offense. JR Smith’s shooting has been marred in a playoff fog and Jason Kidd has fallen off the face of the Earth. Coach Woodson also deserves blame. His offensive play calling has been atrocious and his adjustments non-existent. By far the best offense has been the spread pick and roll, as it was during the regular season, but Woodson has opted for a seemingly endless amount of Anthony wing-isolations instead. The results have not been good. But that brings us back to Anthony. More