Tony Mitchell

10 Draft Commandments

10 Draft Commandments

Written by Matt Weiss

  1. Never believe what you hear/read-in essence this is the only time a team can add a player without another team knowing about it (trades involve a partner). Why would a team tip their hand to the media? If it really was known that you coveted a player what stopping a team ahead of you from taking them? Most of the time these rumors feel like they are fueled by agents looking to keep their clients names in the press. Don’t believe them, the other part of this is that most reporters claim teams are interested in 15 different players, meaning odds are they get it “right” but I could guess and predict who most teams will take and that doesn’t mean I have inside info.
  2. Workouts should be meaningless-with virtually every player in the draft having played at least one year of college NBA teams have 30+ games of film to watch on them, for some seniors teams have 120+ games of film. I don’t care how good your three hour workout was, it shouldn’t change how a team views you.
  3. Rebounds, rebounds, rebounds-the advanced numbers people will tell you that no stat translates like rebounds. If you are an elite rebounder in college, you can board on the next level. Conversely, if a player has a really low rebound rate and they aren’t a 5’11’guard, you should run from them. This year’s scary candidate is Tony Snell of New Mexico who rebounded very poorly in college, and now projects as SF on the next level (side note, most of the 5’11” point guards rebounded better then he did). Even if you aren’t trying, you should get more rebounds then he gets.  Conversely, Arsalem Kazemi from Oregon isn’t even projected in most mocks, but rebounds at an insane rate. I would much rather have the less skilled player that works his ass off. More
2013 NBA Draft Profiles: Tony Mitchell

2013 NBA Draft Profiles: Tony Mitchell

Today’s featured draft profile will be on the University of North Texas wing, Tony Mitchell. A player with the ability to operate at small forward or power forward, Mitchell is an outstanding athlete, possessing all the physical tools to make an impact at the pro-level. Viewed as a potential lottery pick after his standout freshman year at North Texas, a disappointing sophomore campaign marred with character concerns caused his stock to dive, as many scouts are now placing Mitchell in the 20′s of the first round. The Knicks may be looking at a bargain should Mitchell slide to #24.

Birthday: 4/7/92 – Projected NBA Position(s): Small Forward/Power Forward – Class: Sophomore – Ht: 6-9 – Wt: 236 – Hometown: Dallas, TX

2012-13 Per Game Averages: 13.0 Points – 0.8 Assists – 8.5 Rebounds – 44.0 FG% – 30.0 3P% – 67.5 FT%

Mitchell's Combine Results

Mitchell’s Pre-Draft Combine Results