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Why Giving Mike Woodson an Extension Now Would be Asinine

Earlier today, the New York Knicks lifted the interm tag from Glen Grundwald’s title. Grunwald was promoted to executive vice president and general manager. I think the move was necessary and warranted. In my opinion, Grunwald has done a good job with this team. He struck lightening with Jeremy Lin and he’s done well to bring Steve Novak, J.R. Smith and Tyson Chandler to the team this season. Well deserved, Glen Grundwald, well deserved.

Today, on his ESPN New York radio show, Stephen A Smith went on a spirited rant about how the Knicks should follow up Grunwald’s promotion by giving one to interm coach, Mike Woodson. In my opinion, it would be completely asinine for the Knicks to extend Woodson’s contract before the season ends. Here is why I say that. More

Knicks Officially Hire Mike Woodson

Finally the Knicks have hired a defensive assistant to coach along side Mike D’Antoni. Today the Knicks announced the hiring of former Atlanta Hawks head coach Mike Woodson as the defensive assistant coach. Woodson was Larry Brown’s top assistant when the Pistons won the championship in 2004. He was actually drafted in the first round by the Knicks in 1980 so he has some familiarity with the franchise. Woodson is said to be a strong defensive mind learning from Larry Brown in Detroit and Bobby Knight when he played college ball at Indiana.

There are also rumors being stirred up by the east coast media that Woodson, who has strong ties to Isiah Thomas, will take over the head coaching job should things go south next season. I completely disagree. If the Knicks struggle next season or get swept in the playoffs again and Mike D’Antoni is fired, I believe the Knicks will bring in a marquee name a la Phil Jackson not a guy like Mike Woodson. Mike Woodson is a great guy but I do not believe he would be the big name splash the Knicks would be looking bring in. Regardless, I think this is an excellent hire and it will be interesting to see how Woodson can change the defensive culture around the Knicks.

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