The 2013 NBA Draft – A Short Film

Here’s a short video I put together with clips of my experience at the 2013 NBA Draft. This was the first I’ve ever attended, and I gotta say, it was SO much fun. I got good footage considering I filmed the entire thing on my iPhone (Barclays didn’t allow my Flip cam), and even sat down with fellow fans to get their thoughts on who they’d want their teams to draft.

It’s funny; when I first arrived, the first thing I noticed was the ridiculously wide assortment of jerseys in the crowd. Being born and raised in New York, the only fans I’ve come in contact with are Knicks fans, (recently) Nets fans, Laker fans, and fans of whatever team LeBron is on at the moment. But here there were Blazer fans, Mavs fans, Sixers fans, Cavs fans, Pistons fans; I even ran into a faithful Bobcats fan. I actually compared it to the UN Peace Summit in the way it brings fans of the NBA together. As much as we hate each-other when the ball is in play, at the end of the day we’re all fans of the game, and today was a great reminder.

Hope you guys enjoy it.

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