Housekeeping Note


I have 3 pieces of news to relay.

  1. Tomorrow .wordpress will be dropped from the domain of this site. Make this note so that next time you would like to access this site, you will not see a blank site. This site will be
  2. I will be doing post game duties on Tuesday (Toronto) and Sunday (Dallas) for the Knicks Wall. I will link back my post games to this site but check me out over there Tuesday and Sunday.
  3. Brian Coleman, @bcoles1029 on twitter, will be contributing on the meloship. Look for him to do various types of posts and make sure to follow him on twitter.
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Jeremy Lin Commercial: More Than Talent


I should re-name my blog “The Jeremy Lin Blog” cause Lin videos and posts have overtaken the Meloship the past week. However, here is another great Jeremy Lin video. This time, a concept commercial from Patrick Lee. Great job Patrick.

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Notes From Knicks 100-98 Win Over Minnesota

Unlike the previous Lin miracles, tonights victory was a struggle throughout the game. Minnesota is a good, deep team and their depth hurt the Knicks tonight. Derrick Williams and JJ Barea hurt the Knicks tonight coming off the T’Wolves bench. Jeremy Lin struggled in the 2nd half but still finished with 20 points and 8 assists. With the Knicks trailing, Steve Novak hit a clutch 3 to tie the game before the Knicks bore down defensively and won the game on a Lin free throw. More

Jeremy Lin Punching Kobe in the Face

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Knicks-Timberwolves: What to Watch For

I cannot wait for tonights game. How many times has anyone said that about a Knicks-Timberwolves game? Jeremy Lin has been absolutely amazing in his three starts as a Knick. Lin scored 38 points en route to leading the Knicks to a 92-85 victory over the hated Lakers. Tonight, the Knicks bring a 4 game winning streak into Minnesota against an upstart Timberwolves team. More

The Rise of Jeremy Lin (Video)


Unbelievable video by @maxamillion711. Enjoy.

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Notes From Knicks 92-85 Win Over Los Angeles


Linsanity struck once again Friday night as the shorthanded Knicks knocked off the Los Angeles Rapers¬†Lakers 92-85 at the worlds most famous arena. The Black Mamba was upstaged by the Yellow Mamba, Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin. Critics predicted Lin would struggle against the size and supposed “skill” of the Laker defense. Instead, Lin thrived and recorded a career high 38 points to go along with 10 assists. Kobe Bryant however forgot how to pass and shot just 10/28 from the floor. He had 34 points but he was ineffective for most of the game. Landry Fields and Iman Shumpert did a great job suffocating Bryant all night. Tyson Chandler (more on him later) did a fantastic job on Andrew “I’m not the best center in the league” Bynum, holding the supposedly skilled center to 3 points on 1/8 shooting. More

Jeremy Lin Versus Lakers Highlights

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Knicks-Lakers: What to Watch For

The Knicks have not beaten the hated Lakers since 2007. Without the services of Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire, the 11-15 Knicks will be shorthanded against the weakest Laker team in the past few seasons. Los Angeles was unkind to the Knicks earlier this season, handing the Knicks 99-82 defeat. However, the Knicks come into tonights game with a new starting point guard. The Jeremy Lin show is 3-0 since his inception into the rotation in the New Jersey game. Tonight, Lin looks to pull another sensational performance out of his hat against a Laker team that is very strong defensively.¬† More

Notes From the Knicks 107-93 Win Over the Wizards… aka Part 3 of the Jeremy Lin Show


The Jeremy Lin show, also known as the New York Knicks basketball team, rolled into Washington on a 2 game winning streak. Nobody thought that the Knicks would lose tonight because the Wizards flat out suck. Everyone was correct. The Knicks won and the Wizards do in fact suck. Lin was the star again tonight, scoring 23 points and adding a career high 10 assists. Once again Steve Novak came off the bench and did his best Larry Bird impersonation, scoring 19 points and hitting 5/9 from downtown. The Knicks pulled away from the hapless Wizards mid-way through the 4th quarter. I feel bad for all 55 people who attended the game because they had to watch one team tonight play some lazy, uninterested, depressing basketball. I don’t get the Wizards. They have guys like Blatche and McGee and Wall who are supposed to be these super talented guys and they flat out suck. Nick Young must’ve toked up with Renaldo Balkman before the game tonight because he made some of the stupidest plays I’ve ever seen. He had a drive to the hoop in which he tried a reverse 2k dunk and got it stripped from him. I will talk about the Wizards in my notes (briefly) but I will go on to the Knicks as this is not a Wizards blog (thank god). More