Goodman vs Drew League Rematch Broadcast on the Basketball Channel

Tonights Goodman vs Drew League rematch is streaming online at the

Here are the rosters for the game (via Real GM)

Goodman League Roster:
Michael Beasley (Timberwolves)
DeMarcus Cousins (Kings)
Kevin Durant (Thunder)
Tyreke Evans (Kings)
Donte Greene(Kings)
Warren “D-Nice” Jefferson
Emanuel “Duce” Jones
Hugh “Baby Shaq” Jones (AND1 Tour)
Ty Lawson (Nuggets)
Gary Neal (Spurs)
Josh Selby (Grizzlies)
John Wall (Wizards)
Sam Young (Grizzlies)

Drew League Roster:
Bobby Brown (Aris BC)
DeMar DeRozan (Raptors)
James Harden (Thunder)
Brandon Jennings (Bucks)
Pooh Jeter (Kings)
JaVale McGee (Wizards)
Craig Smith (Clippers)
Marcus Williams (Grizzlies)
Dorrell Wright (Warriors)
Nick Young (Wizards)

Here is the link for the game 

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Union and League to Meet Sunday Night in Attempt to Salvage Season

Howard Beck of the New York Times reports that Sunday night, the owners and players will meet to try and salvage the season. I am very optimistic that progress will be made in this meeting. It seems like in order to get this meeting the players would have had to agree to the 50/50 split but it is unknown whether they have or not. Also it is possible that the sides are going to discuss either things in order to make progress. The season may or may not be saved tonight but I think this could be the miracle that all NBA fans needed. I feel like if the players and owners are going to call this emergency meeting then some breakthrough must have been reached. I am probably wrong but I am keeping my fingers crossed that a miracle happens tonight.

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Carmelo Anthony Post Game Interview

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Melo and STAT lead Team Wade to 141-140 Victory Over Team LeBron

Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire represented the Knicks very nicely in Miami tonight. They both were the marquee players in Team Wade’s victory. STAT had maybe the highlight of the night when he dunked over Kevin Durant in the 4th quarter. Melo hit a clutch 3 pointer with 2 seconds left to put the game into overtime. He finished with 30 points and 11 rebounds. While Melo left the game in overtime with a calf cramp, Amar’e took over. He had 5 big points including 2 classic Amar’e style awkward looking shots.

Melo again looked in shape and he actually played some good defense tonight. Despite the fact that there were no real big men on Team LeBron, Stoudemire did look very good tonight.

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Team James vs Team Wade Game Will be Streamed Online will be streaming todays Team James vs Team Wade all-star game at FIU. Yes, Isiah Thomas will be there and the proceeds will go to his charity. I know I’m a conspiracist theorist about Isiah but make sure you at least can accept that he is around. The rosters for the team look like this:

Team LeBron’s roster includes: James, Chris Bosh, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, Rajon Rondo, Lou Williams, Rudy Gay, Jamal Crawford, Jonny Flynn, and Damon Jones.

Team Wade’s roster will have: Wade, Mario Chalmers, Caron Butler, Dorrell Wright, Amare Stoudemire, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Wesley Matthews, John Wall, and Eddy Curry. Via CBSmiami

Shockingly Eddy Curry has decided to not play. This is the second time this summer that he has dropped out of a summer league game at the last minute.

The game will be streamed here on

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Melo, CP3, D Wade Discuss Their Signature Shoes


Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony, Hornets point guard Chris Paul and Heat guard Dwayne Wade all discuss their jordan brand shoes with Slam Magazine.

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NBA 2k12 Classic 71 Knicks Gameplay


In addition to the Patrick Ewing Knicks, NBA 2k12 also features the 1971 Knicks with Willis Reed, Clyde, Earl the Pearl, Phil Jackson and others. This is a great feature of the game. As can be seen above, 2k sports does a great job with the old style broadcast and old style court.

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Players Must Concede in Order to Save the Season

Tuesday is a do or die day for the 2011 NBA season. Eventually the players will lose this labor battle, that is not up for debate. The players have no leverage, the owners are willing to miss a season and the players need these pay checks more than the owners need this season. The question is not if the players will lose, it is when they will give in to the owners and make a deal. Now I do not fault the players for fighting for what they already had. They are not asking for more, they are asking for what they already had. Are the owners being fair? That is up for discussion but that is not relevant. What is fair is not what is relevant in this lockout. This lockout is about reality right now. The reality is that the owners will never go back to what they had. Small market teams struggled financially, superstars formed alliances and owners were hurt by their own bad decisions. Owners have collectively committed to change the current system at all costs, including the 2011 season. Unlike the NFL lockout,  in which the owners conceded to the players in order to save the season, the owners willingness to lose the season takes all leverage away from the players.

When the players association decided against decertification, the outcome of this lockout was pretty much decided. The players association gave up all the leverage they had. The owners know the players can’t afford to lose the season. Decertification is no longer in the cards for the players association because decertification rulings would take so long to get through the slow United States court system that the whole season would be lost. Also decertification would have resulted in all players having their current contracts void making every player a free agent. The players wanted to avoid this for obvious reason.

Billy Hunter needs to get all opposition to conceding into a room and he needs to give them a history lesson about the 1998 season. In 1998 the players decided to hold out and miss games rather than concede to the owners. Eventually the players caved and the owners got what they wanted plus the players lost millions of dollars. If the players were smart they would take a deal now. This is the best deal they are going to get and they are going to be sorry if they don’t agree to one soon.

Will the players get a fair deal? It doesn’t matter. This lockout is no longer about fairness but about reality. The reality is that the owners are prepared to miss the season and the players can’t afford to.

Carmelo Anthony on Law and Order


Last Thursday, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Bosh appeared on NBC’s Law and Order SVU. The episode was about a basketball coach who had been molesting his players.

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