The Rise of Jeremy Lin (Video)


Unbelievable video by @maxamillion711. Enjoy.

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Jeremy Lin Dunking on Wizards


Another great performance by new starting point guard Jeremy Lin tonight, scoring 23 points and dishing a career high 10 assists. Here’s video of his dunk, recap to come later.

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What to Make of Jeremy Lin?

Rather than waste my time with a post game when the only thing to talk about was ^ that guy, I decided to write a perspective on what exactly happened last night. Was the performance of career D-Leaguer Jeremy Lin a fluke or have the Knicks found a serviceable point guard? Obviously nobody knows the answer because the answer to that question has yet to be written. What is known however is this, Jeremy Lin is a point guard. The New York Knicks have no other capable point guards on their roster. Douglas is a shooting guard. Shumpert is more of a combo guard, probably in all likelihood a shooting guard. The only other actual point guard on the active roster is AARP eligible Mike Bibby whose age no longer allows him to play at an NBA level. More

Knicks-Heat MSG Promo

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A Bit of Perspective on the 6-9 Knicks

Rather than write another post game on last nights debacle, I decided to give some perspective into how bad a shape the Knicks truly are. Unlike most Knick fans, I will remain patient with this team. I am as frustrated as any fan but I understand that this is still a long NBA season and this team still has a lot of kinks to work out. They’ve been horrid this season but this Knick team still has the potential to have a great season. Hopefully this helps the reeling Knick fans reading, I’m trying my best to help, here is some perspective on the 6-9 Knicks:

At this point last season, the 15 game mark, the Knicks were 7-8. After their 3-8 start, the Knicks won 13 of 14 games to propel themselves into playoff contention. This years Knicks team started 6-8. While the fans were angry last season, the sky seems to be falling right now. D’Antoni’s head is being called for, Melo and Amar’e can’t work together, Chandler is not worth the money, etc. I do not however take any of these stances. What Knick fans need to realize is that there was a lockout shortened off-season. I understand that all teams dealt with this but few teams, if any, have to make adjustments like the Knicks do. This is a flawed roster, there is no doubt. Carmelo and Amar’e are not a perfect fit together but they can work. It just takes time. The offense can adjust to integrate Chandler more. It just takes time. The guards on this team should be able to hit jump shots, they have started the season cold. They should improve with time. There are 66 games in this season, the Knicks have played about as poor as they can and they are 6-9 and if the season ended today they would be the 8th seed in the east.

Where do the problems lie on this team? I believe everybody on the team, including the coaching staff, deserves blame for the recent struggles of the team. The Knicks offense has been stagnant and too Isolation oriented. That falls on both the coaching staff and the lack of a point guard. As this team continues to play together, they have the potential to fix this problem. There will always be isolation sets with Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire but as this team plays together, especially with Baron Davis returning, this team should become better and moving to open spots and moving the ball. I do not necessarily believe Davis will be an all-star savior for this team but I do not think this team needs him to put up 20 and 10 per night. Baron Davis needs to come onto the floor and lead this team. He needs to get the Knicks in their sets. He needs to get Amar’e and Melo and Chandler the ball in spots they can be successful. He must be the anti-Toney Douglas and I believe he will be. The Knicks shooting must improve as well on this team. Landry Fields has shown signs of busting out of his space jam-esque slump the past two games. Toney Douglas has been horrible but given his history as a Knick, it is not farfetched to believe that at some point he will start hitting his shots. Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire have shot far worse this season than they have shot historically. With time and a better point guard, everybody on the team should improve their shooting.

How bad is this team? They have been pretty bad as of late but there have been some upsides to be realized. The defense, impacted by assistant Mike Woodson, center Tyson Chandler and guard Iman Shumpert, has been pretty good this season. Although ranked a pedestrian 18th in defensive efficiency, before the last 5 games the Knicks were ranked in the top 10. The struggles of the offense, especially against Milwaukee in which the Knicks had 24 turnovers, have hurt the defense as of late which has resulted in the slide of their defensive efficiency rating. Point is, the defense has not been the problem this season which is a great sign because that was the big criticism of the Knicks coming into the season. With Mike D’Antoni coaching this team, I am confident the offense will improve. The Knicks currently are ranked 24th in offensive efficiency. That will not stick, the Knicks really have nowhere to go but up offensive since the offense has killed the Knicks this season.

Should D’Antoni be fired? No. No. No. No. No. What good will firing D’Antoni do? There is no suitable replacement right now. The most likely replacement would be Mike Woodson, creator of the “Iso-Joe” offense in Atlanta. People complain about the offense now? The offense under Woodson would be twice as stagnant as it currently is now. Jeff Van Gundy? Too many burned bridges. Jerry Sloan? He will never want to deal with the New York media, especially cause he made his money as a coach in Salt Lake City. People think that the Knicks can get Phil Jackson. They are wrong. Phil Jackson historically, coaching teams with Jordan and Kobe, only will coach teams with superior talent. This Knick team currently has two isolation-minded offensive stars that haven’t learned to play together. This Knick team currently has no semblance of a bench. This Knick team currently has no point guard. Phil Jackson will not touch this team as it is currently producing/built. If this team finishes with a second round playoff loss then maybe Jackson comes but right now Jackson will not come within miles of Madison Square Garden.

In conclusion while this team has been pathetic as of late, there is still plenty of time to turn this team around. Despite all the struggles they have had, the Knicks would still be the 8th seed in the east. A loss tonight would put the Knicks as close to rock bottom as possible. Given that Baron Davis doesn’t blow out his back when he returns to the lineup, his leadership and presence should make a big difference on this team. I still believe this is a playoff team with the potential to make a run. They have not played well to this point and they have holes to patch up but the ceiling on this team is high. D’Antoni historically has shown the ability to take teams deep into the playoffs and I believe he should be given a chance with this team. I am as frustrated as any Knick fan but I hope this helps to give some perspective into how much trouble the Knicks truly are in.

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My Thoughts on NBA.com GM Poll

Today, NBA.com posted the results of a survey they took of all NBA general managers. The participating general managers were not permitted to vote for their own teams. The topics included who the GM’s thought would win MVP, who will win the NBA title, who the best players were at their position and who the best coach was.

Here is the link to the survey.

Here are problems I had with the survey:

  • When asked about the MVP, the general managers voted that Durant had the best chance to win at 55.6% and LeBron had the next best chance at 44.4% Derrick Rose received 0 votes. Really? Derrick Rose got 0 votes? What the hell is wrong with these GM’s? The defending MVP who’s team currently sits at 12-3 has NO shot to win the MVP? I think Derrick Rose has a very good chance to win the MVP considering his importance to his team and their eastern conference best record.
  • I thought it was interesting how the general managers voted at 77.8% that LeBron was the best small forward in the league followed by Durant (18.5%) and Melo (3.7%). Despite my deep hatred for LeBron James, I do not necessarily have a problem with the order of this but I find the percentages interesting.  Is there really that big of a gap between LeBron and the other two players? I don’t think so. All 3 players routinely compete for the scoring title and all 3 players have failed to win a championship. Melo has a winning career record over both Durant and LeBron despite having a worse team year in and year out. LeBron is not 59.3% better than Durant and he sure as hell isn’t 74.1% better than Melo.
  • When asked who was the best center in the NBA, the general managers voted at 96.3% that it was Dwight Howard. Who got the other 3.7% of the vote? It wasn’t Andrew Bynum or Joakim Noah or even Tyson Chandler. It was Pau Gasol. The same Pau Gasol who rarely plays center and whose team was 2-2 with him as the starting center in Andrew Bynum’s absence. Gasol is a power forward and is not even the best center on his team much less the second best center in the NBA.
  • Iman Shumpert, at 12%, was voted second behind Norris Cole of Miami, 44%, as the best “sleeper” rookie in the league. I think Shumpert should have been placed above Cole on this list. Not because he plays for the Knicks but because of the role he plays. Shumpert is the starting point  guard while Cole is not the starter. Shumpert averages more points, rebounds and assists per game and he is a much better defensive player than Cole.
  • At 76.9% Dwight Howard was voted the best defensive player in the NBA. There was nobody who garnered enough votes to be placed as the runner up but some of the players that did garner votes were interesting to me. The other players were: Aaron Afflalo (Denver), Shane Battier (Miami), Luol Deng (Chicago), Luc Richard Mbah a Moute (Milwaukee), Tayshaun Prince (Detroit) and Dwayne Wade (Miami). Tayshaun Prince?? Luc Richard Mbah a Moute?? No wonder half the league is shitty every year. Some general managers actually voted 700 year old Tayshaun Prince and Luc Richard Mbah a Moute as better defensive players than Dwight Howard?? That is appalling.
  • This is the one that really pisses me off. When asked who the best head coach was, Greg Popovich won the vote with 42.3%. That is not what made me angry. Coming in 4th place with 7.7% of the vote was MIKE BROWN. Yes, that MIKE BROWN that got to one championship with LeBron in which he got swept by Popovich and the Spurs. The same MIKE BROWN that was unemployed last season and wasn’t chilling on ranch in Montana. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. These general managers voted him ahead of Rick Adelman, Doug Collins, Nate McMillan, Tom Thibideau, Scott Brooks, Mike D’Antoni and Stan Van Gundy. I would take any of those coaches over MIKE BROWN in a heartbeat. Brown is a good coach no doubt but he is not the 4th best coach in the league. In my opinion he is a worse coach then all those I just listed. To my knowledge, the survey only allowed the general managers to vote for their number one choice. That means 7.7% of the general managers voted him the best coach in the league. I do not see the justification in voting Brown the 4th best coach in the league nor does he have a resume that justifies that standing.
  • The general managers went ahead and voted Derrick Rose as the league’s best point guard but then voted Chris Paul as the league’s best passer. Rose got no votes for being the league’s best passer. Steve Nash, Ricky Rubio, Deron Williams, Jason Kidd and Jose Calderon received votes. How can the best point guard in the NBA not be one of the top 6 passers in the NBA? That makes no sense whatsoever. Chris Paul far and away is the best point guard in the league in my opinion. He can score, DISTRIBUTE, defend and steal the basketball. Rose is very good but isn’t the distributor nor defender that Paul is.
  • I believe Melo is the most clutch player in the NBA along with Kobe. The general managers decided that Kobe (48.1%) and Durant (30.8%) were the two must clutch players in the league. Durant seems to be the new flavor of the league. He tops everyone’s lists of favorite players and best scorers. I think he is overrated. He is a prolific shooter no doubt and he does have scoring titles but he is not the best scorer in the league nor is he the second most clutch player in the league. While he is clutch, I do not believe he has been doing it long enough to trump Carmelo Anthony, the leader in 4th quarter scoring this season, as the second best clutch player in the league. He may eventually get there but he’s not there right now.
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Greg Monroe Being Terrorized by Knicks Stars

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUE1O-skSGc] [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnwNRtcnsBA]

Last season it was Amar’e Stoudemire. This season it was Carmelo Anthony. Both Knick stars have now posterized Pistons center Greg Monroe.

January 31st, when Detroit comes to the garden, I look for Steve Novak to continue the trend and mash on Greg Monroe’s head

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Knick Fans Should Know All About Baron Davis


Remember this Knick fans? Last season, Baron Davis stunned the Madison Square Garden faithful, leading the Cavs to a 119-115 upset victory over the Knicks in Carmelo Anthony’s second game in blue and orange. This game was just a small insight into what Baron Davis can bring to an offense. I can’t wait to see how he performs as the point man when he finally recovers from his back injury and dawns the Knick uniform for the first time. As shown in this video, Davis can be wizard with the ball and getting others involved and he also can score. I look for him to bring these qualities to the Knick offense in the (hopefully) not too distant future.

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New MSG Promo

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Knicks Schedule Released

Here is the Knicks 2011 Schedule

Sat 17  @ New Jersey Preseason  2:00pm
 Wed 21  vs New Jersey Preseason  7:30pm
 Sun 25  vs Boston   12:00pm  
 Wed 28  @ Golden State  10:30pm  
 Thu 29  @ LA Lakers  10:30pm  
 Sat 31  @ Sacramento  8:00pm
January Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV Radio
 Mon 02  vs Toronto   7:30pm
 Wed 04  vs Charlotte   7:30pm
 Fri 06  @ Washington  7:00pm
 Sat 07  @ Detroit  7:30pm
 Mon 09  vs Charlotte   7:30pm  
 Wed 11  vs Philadelphia   7:30pm
 Thu 12  @ Memphis  8:00pm  
 Sat 14  @ Oklahoma City  8:00pm
 Mon 16  vs Orlando   1:00pm
 Wed 18  vs Phoenix   7:30pm
 Fri 20  vs Milwaukee   7:30pm
 Sat 21  vs Denver   7:30pm  
 Tue 24  @ Charlotte  7:00pm
 Wed 25  @ Cleveland  7:00pm
 Fri 27  @ Miami  8:00pm  
 Sat 28  @ Houston  8:00pm
 Tue 31  vs Detroit   7:30pm
February Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV Radio
 Thu 02  vs Chicago   8:00pm  
 Fri 03  @ Boston  8:00pm  
 Sat 04  vs New Jersey   7:30pm
 Mon 06  vs Utah   7:30pm  
 Wed 08  @ Washington  7:00pm  
 Fri 10  vs LA Lakers   8:00pm  
 Sat 11  @ Minnesota  8:00pm
 Tue 14  @ Toronto  7:00pm
 Wed 15  vs Sacramento   7:30pm
 Fri 17  vs New Orleans   8:00pm  
 Sun 19  vs Dallas   1:00pm  
 Mon 20  vs New Jersey   7:30pm
 Wed 22  vs Atlanta   7:30pm
 Thu 23  @ Miami  7:00pm  
 Wed 29  vs Cleveland   7:30pm
March Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV Radio
 Sun 04  @ Boston  1:00pm  
 Tue 06  @ Dallas  8:30pm
 Wed 07  @ San Antonio  8:30pm
 Fri 09  @ Milwaukee  8:30pm
 Sun 11  vs Philadelphia   12:00pm
 Mon 12  @ Chicago  8:00pm  
 Wed 14  vs Portland   7:30pm
 Fri 16  vs Indiana   7:30pm
 Sat 17  @ Indiana  7:00pm
 Tue 20  vs Toronto   7:30pm
 Wed 21  @ Philadelphia  7:00pm  
 Fri 23  @ Toronto  7:00pm
 Sat 24  vs Detroit   7:30pm
 Mon 26  vs Milwaukee   7:30pm
 Wed 28  vs Orlando   7:00pm  
 Fri 30  @ Atlanta  7:30pm
 Sat 31  vs Cleveland   7:30pm
April Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV Radio
 Tue 03  @ Indiana  7:00pm
 Thu 05  @ Orlando  7:00pm  
 Sun 08  vs Chicago   1:00pm  
 Tue 10  @ Chicago  9:30pm  
 Wed 11  @ Milwaukee  8:00pm
 Fri 13  vs Washington   7:30pm
 Sun 15  vs Miami   1:00pm  
 Tue 17  vs Boston   8:00pm  
 Wed 18  @ New Jersey  7:30pm
 Fri 20  @ Cleveland  7:30pm
 Sun 22  @ Atlanta  1:00pm  
 Wed 25  vs LA Clippers   8:00pm  
 Thu 26  @ Charlotte  8:00pm  

via Nba.com

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