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Your Wednesday Melo Articles

Early Wednesday morning provided the Knick blogosphere on twitter with lots of material. Numerous articles from various New York sources surfaced. The common message was simple: Carmelo Anthony is the problem. Today is going to be a day in which the New York sports world roasts Carmelo Anthony, and deservedly so. Here is your guide to all the articles (I will post more as they surface).

Frank Isola, NY Daily News

Berman of the Post

Howard Beck, New York Times

Chris Broussard, ESPN New York

Alan Hahn interview on ESPN 1050 (from Tuesday 3/13)

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BREAKING: Leaked Klhoe Kardashian Text Messages

Multiple times during last nights game, Klhoe Kardashian was shown texting on MSG Network. On this same morning that Olivia Munn has her messages and photo’s leaked, I received an anonymous email. This email contained leaked text messages from one Klhoe Kardashian from last nights game. Enjoy: More

Landry Fields and Iman Shumpert Signing/Rapping

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Clarifying Amar’e Stoudemire and the “Stretch Provision”

Amar’e Stoudemire has struggled mightily this season. That is a fact and is non-debatable. Physically, Stoudemire is a mess. He just announced today that he is going to try and drop the extra weight he gained in the off-season. I think this is the right thing to do but obviously you do not want your star player worrying about losing weight during the season. The consensus opinion among fans and critics on Stoudemire seems to be that he is not right physically but will eventually improve his level of play. I beg the question: what happens if Stoudemire continues to regress?

Twitter has been filled with Stoudemire trade rumors for months but nothing has come to fruition. His contract, due to his bad knees, is uninsured therefore making a trade very unlikely. If he continues to regress, there will be no suitor willing to pay max money for a broken down star. If the Knicks were to part ways with Stoudemire, a trade is not the only option. The Knicks can waive Stoudemire but that would still result in their paying Stoudemire his full deal.

I have previously stated that the new Stretch Exception is an option for the Knicks. I was mistaken. The stretch exception is NOT an option for the Knicks as it only applies to contracts signed in the new CBA.


Your Daily Bill Walker Financial Advice

Thanks Bill

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A Disturbing Trend Has Arisen At Madison Square Garden

The Knicks have been and up an down team all season. Sometimes they look like a title contender and sometimes they look like they could be in the running for a top 5 pick, but then you remember that James Dolan threw all their picks into the Melo deal. One day they’ll beat Dallas but then they’ll turn around and give up fifteen 3′s to the Nets. At 16-17, this season has been turbulent for Knick fans to say the least. However for New York, throughout this lockout-shortened season one thing has remained a constant:

The Knicks inability to beat bad teams.


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Jeremy Lin Commercial: More Than Talent


I should re-name my blog “The Jeremy Lin Blog” cause Lin videos and posts have overtaken the Meloship the past week. However, here is another great Jeremy Lin video. This time, a concept commercial from Patrick Lee. Great job Patrick.

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Jeremy Lin Punching Kobe in the Face

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