A Few Initial Thoughts On the Knicks Schedule

A Few Initial Thoughts On the Knicks Schedule

Here is the full Knicks schedule.

A few of the notable games:

  • The Knicks start the season October 30th at MSG versus the Bucks. Big picture, the first game doesn’t really matter all that much. It’s nice to win, but it’s not like the season is over for a team if it loses it’s first game. While there’s been a bit of negative backlash among the fan base about starting the season against a blah team like Milwaukee, I actually like the first matchup. Marquee opening night matchups are awesome, unless your team loses the game. It’s likely now that the Knicks start the year 1-0, and I’m totally fine with that. 
  • They play Milwaukee, at Chicago, Minnesota, at Charlotte, Charlotte in their first five games. At the worst, the Knicks should be 3-2 through this first handful of games. People have tweeted me saying “4-1!” but they forget that a healthy Minnesota team makes for a very worthy opponent.
  • First Knicks-Nets matchup is December 5th at Barclays Center. It’s a Thursday night game, meaning it’ll be on TNT.
  • On Christmas Day, New York welcomes Oklahoma City to Madison Square Garden. I think this is a crappy Christmas day matchup. Of course both teams should be good, but I’d rather have seen the Knicks square off against an Eastern Conference rival like Brooklyn or Chicago. Oklahoma City should’ve played one of the other real elite teams like Miami or San Antonio.
  • After the OKC Christmas day game, New York plays a home-and-home vs Toronto. There’s a Bargnani joke in here somewhere. Those games also end this calendar year.
  • I always love seeing Felton get torched Steph Curry play, so naturally I’m excited for the Feb 28 Knicks-Warriors matchup at MSG, as well as March 30 at Oracle.
  • In April, the Knicks play Brooklyn twice, Chicago once and Miami once. Given how close the records of seeds 2-5 in the Eastern Conference project to be, these should be incredibly important games for New York.

I’m going to go get a cheeseburger now. Goodbye!

Russell Westbrook and Clyde Frazier Do A Levis Commercial! (Video)

Do I really need to say anything about this?

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Some Trade Machine Fun (Or Stupidity)!


The February 21st trade deadline is fast approaching and the Knicks do have a few holes that could be plugged. They could use depth at point guard, depth and center and another wing player that can defend and shoot some threes. However, it’s quite unlikely the Knicks are going to do anything. They seem content with the team they have and would have to get super creative to truly acquire pieces that will significantly upgrade the team. And why should they be desperate to make a move? New York does sit second in the Eastern Conference at 30-15, a half game back of Miami. I don’t believe they have enough to make it out of the East, unless they were miraculously able to avoid both Miami and Chicago in the playoffs, but that doesn’t mean the team feels the same way. They’ve made no indication that they’re going to pursue a big trade and I would assume any roster changes made would be minor.

If you follow me on twitter, you know I’m an avid user of ESPN’s awesome Trade Machine feature. 90% of what I conjure up ends up crippling the Lakers, sending Kobe to the Wizards, Pau to the Bobcats, or Dwight to the Pistons. LA usually takes back a package consisting of players like DeSagana Diop, Jan Vesely, Charlie Villanueva and Trevor Arizona. I have fun with it. Although the Knicks are unlikely to make a trade at all, much less a major one, I’m still going to have fun with the ol’ Trade Machine.

Trade #1: Hey look! The Knicks get Eric Bledsoe! Now I don’t have to pee my pants every time Felton grabs his injured pinkie finger!

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Happy 63rd to Billy Joel!


Happy Birthday, Billy!

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Amar’e “Office Space” GIF


And for those awaiting a recap from last night, I will have one at some point today. I’m battling a bad case of food poisoning, so be patient with me please!

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NBA: Where Flopping Happens (Video)

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Steve Francis Releases a Rap Video… Oh God


Stevie Francis, formerly of the New York Knicks and Beijing Ducks of the Chinese Basketball Association, released a rap video yesterday. The “song” (if you want to call it that) is titled Finer Things. The “musical composition” is poorly executed and my ears started to ooze blood when I heard it. You may like it though!

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Billy Walker Has Changed His Twitter Handle


For anybody interested, Billy Walker has now changed his twitter handle. Originally, Walker was @westvirginiaslim (or something like that), but now his new handle is @1023sveryown.

Don’t ask me what that means, because I have no idea. Also, Walker apparently wants to be called “William H. Walker” rather than “Bill” or “Billy”. I wonder what he thinks of people calling him “F&%$*@# Walker!”

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Ex-Knick Duhon Sings “Baby Got Back” With Dwight Howard

I know most Knick fans hate Chris Duhon and this video has nothing to do with the Knicks, but its pretty funny. For some reason, Duhon and Dwight Howard had to sing baby got back at a charity or something. Proceed with caution…

Also, this may be the last time you ever see Chris Duhon’s name on this site ever again. Unless he sings “Ice Ice Baby” or something.

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JR Smith to Iman Shumpert to JR Smith Alley Oop

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