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Knicks-Heat: What To Watch For

In a potential playoff preview, the seemingly playoff bound Knicks face off at MSG against the sliding Miami Heat. Headed into the game, New York has won 4 of their past 5 games, while Miami has lost 3 of their last 5. Led by Carmelo Anthony, the Knicks are 13-4 since the firing/resigning of Mike D’Antoni. Both teams are coming off blowout victories over bad teams. This one should be fun.

This post will be longer than most pre-game posts, but its Knicks-Heat. It’s a huge game and a potential playoff preview. It should be fun.

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Notes From the Knicks 103-65 Dismantling of the Generals

The score was Knicks 103 Generals 65. Do I even need to say more?

New York was pretty good, while Washington was pathetic in both effort and execution. The Generals were completely inept on both sides of the ball, and the final score backs up that sentiment. Washington’s excuse for an NBA team shot an abysmal 27.8% from the field. That was not a typo. They also shot just 4/20 from downtown and decided that defense wasn’t important either. New York shot a whooping 14/29 from downtown and shot 46.4% on the night. Baron Davis gave himself a sweet birthday gift with an efficient 7/9 shooting 18 point performance. I could stop right now by saying that everyone on the Knicks was good, while everyone on the Wizards sucked, but I’ll take the time to go into more detail.

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Notes From the Knicks 111-107 Victory Over the Bucks

I’ll take the win. It was sloppy, ugly and difficult to watch, but in the end the Knicks were able to escape Milwaukee with a 111-107 victory. Carmelo Anthony was once again the man, scoring 32 points on 13/26 shooting. Unlike Tuesday’s loss in Chicago, the Knicks got scoring from all areas of the offense tonight. Six different Knicks, including JR Smith, Tyson Chandler and Steve Novak, scoring in double figure points tonight. I wouldn’t say it was a good victory, as the Knicks allowed the Bucks to shoot 49%, but it was a gritty victory for the Knicks. It was also a huge win, as the Knicks now sit 2 full games up on the 9th seeded Bucks. New York now controls its own destiny over the next 9 games. The Knicks aren’t out of the woods yet, in terms of making the playoffs, but they’re almost there.

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Knicks-Bucks: What to Watch For

Here are the standings in the Eastern Conference:

As you can see, the New York Knicks are just 1 game ahead of the 9th place Milwaukee Bucks. If the Knicks lose to the Bucks tonight, the teams will be tied for 8th place in the Eastern conference. This is a huge game for the Knicks. There is no other way to say it. However, I do have a problem with something that Tyson Chandler said.

“It’s a must-win for us,” Tyson Chandler said. “We have to approach this as if it’s a Game Seven playoff game in all honesty.” via ESPN New York 

Obviously this is a huge game, but a must win? The term “must win” implies that the Knicks season will be over if they do not win this game. This is not a “must win” game, because the Knicks have 9 incredibly important games after this. I do not believe that any good comes from over-dramatizing the importance of a game. The Knicks should feel the pressure to win, but there is a potential for a breakdown if too much pressure is felt. I don’t like Chandler saying this is a must win, because there is a chance the Knicks may lose this game. If they are to lose, the season is not over. There are 9 games after this! If they are to lose, the Knicks cannot go into a hole and tank the rest of the year. Whether they win or lose this game, the Knicks have to take care of business the remaining 9 games. This is not a must win folks, but it is a huge game.

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Notes From the Knicks 98-86 Loss to Chicago

The Knicks were pretty flat tonight. There just isn’t much to say. They didn’t shoot well and the Bulls played like… well, the Bulls. Chicago defended and rebounded while the Knicks offense flailed, especially in the 2nd quarter where they scored a grand total of 10 points. Group the Knicks lack of shooting with some poor officiating and you have a big fat loss.

You can’t win them all. In the big scheme of things, a 1-1 split with the Bulls isn’t the worst thing in the world. However, the Knicks have some glaring issues that must be adressed. If you don’t like negative writing, don’t read this post. I’ve seen some things I don’t like and I’m going to address them in this post.

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Knicks-Bulls: What to Watch For

Derrick Rose is likely out for tonight’s game. The Knicks have a golden opportunity to steal the second game of a home and home against the Bulls. Coming off Carmelo Anthony’s virtuoso performance, the Knicks have some momentum heading into the final 10 games of the regular season. I think the Knicks should win this game tonight. Sure, the Bulls are still a great team without Rose, but I think the Knicks should have the upper hand tonight. The Knicks 4th ranked defense should hold Chicago’s offense in check. The question mark will be the Knicks offense. I don’t expect Anthony to score 43 tonight, but he should have another good game. I think the Knicks win tonights game.

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Notes From the Knicks 100-99 Victory Over Chicago

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That was maybe the best basketball game I have ever seen. The Knicks did not play a perfect game by any stretch of the imagination, but they were tough and gritty and rode Carmelo Anthony to a 100-99 overtime win over the Bulls. Carmelo Anthony was finally the superstar the Knicks needed, scoring 43 points and hitting two clutch three pointers down the stretch. Iman Shumpert played well guarding Derrick Rose and held the reigning MVP to 8/26 shooting from the field.

The Knicks now sit a full game ahead of Milwaukee for the 8th seed in the eastern conference. This was a huge game for the Knicks and they came up big when they had to. The season is down to 10 remaining games. Five of the Knicks final ten games are against opponents with .500 records or better. New York isn’t out of the woods yet, but today’s game was a huge step in the right direction. The Bulls and Knicks played a gritty, hard fought affair and the result was a wildly entertaining game. The best part about this game is that they get to do it again on Tuesday.

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Knicks-Bulls: What to Watch For

The Knicks sit just a half game up on the 9th place Milwaukee Bucks. A loss tomorrow would place them in a tie for 8th with just 10 games remaining in this lockout shortened season. Including tomorrow’s game, 6 of the Knicks last 11 opponents currently boast a record of .500 or better. In their last 11 games, New York will play Miami, Boston, Milwaukee, the Clippers and Chicago twice. It is now an 11 game season and every game is huge for the Knicks.

The 43-13 Chicago Bulls boast the best record in basketball. They have played their last 12 games without the reigning MVP, point guard Derrick Rose. In those games, the Bulls are 8-4. Tomorrow, Rose will make his return from injury which doesn’t bode well for the Jeremy Lin-less Knicks. New York has been playing well themselves, 7-3 record over their past 10, but Rose could cause huge problems for the ‘Bockers tomorrow. The Knicks must find a way to overcome Rose’s return, as tomorrow is a huge game for the men from New York.

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Notes From Knicks 96-80 Victory Over Orlando

I covered post game for The Knicks Wall tonight. Here is my recap.

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Knicks-Magic: What to Watch For


The Magic are in turmoil. In a somewhat similar situation to what the Knicks went through just weeks ago, the Magic are dealing with an unhappy star and a locker room divided. Hopefully New York will be able to capitalize on Orlando’s dysfunction tonight at the Amway Center.

Coming into the game, Orlando has lost 4 straight games while Dwight Howard has been sidelined with a back injury. Howard will play tonight, but he will likely not be at 100%. New York is coming off a devastating loss to Indiana in which they blew a 15 point 4th quarter lead. This is a huge game for the Knicks as they sit just a game up on the Bucks for the 8th seed in the playoffs. With Milwaukee playing the lowly Bobcats tomorrow night, a Knicks loss would likely result in a tie in the 8th spot. Each of the Knicks next 12 games are huge games. Given Orlando’s plethora of problems, this is a winnable game for the Knicks. They have to take care of business tonight.

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