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Knicks-Cavs: What to Watch For

This is the time to make a run. The 17-18 Knicks are only 5 1/2 games back of the 3rd seeded Indiana Pacers and 4 games back of the division leading Philadelphia 76ers. The Knicks are currently the 7th seed in the Eastern Conference. They are headed for a first round matchup with the 28-8 Chicago Bulls. New York will be in the playoffs but they need to get out of the 7/8 seeds. Facing Chicago or Miami in the first round provides no benefits to the Knicks. They need to get a playoff series victory under their belt before facing one of the two elite teams in the Eastern Conference. In order to set themselves up for playoff success, the Knicks will need to go on a run in these final 31 games. That starts tonight.

The upstart Cleveland Cavaliers, led by star rookie Kyrie Irving, come into Madison Square Garden having lost 6 of their last 10 games. Unlike the Knicks, who have not played since last Thursday, the Cavs come into the game having played last night in Boston. There is no excuse for New York to come out flat tonight. They are rested, they should be hungry and they are more talented than Cleveland.  More

Notes From Knicks 102-88 Loss to Miami

Well that sucked.

The Knicks played a tough first half in Miami before the Heat pulled away in the second. Playing the second game of a back-to-back, the Knicks legs left them in the second half and Miami took advantage. The Miami big 3 combined for 67 points while the Knicks starters combined for only 59 points. Jeremy Lin was totally overwhelmed by Mario Chalmers and the Heat defense as he shot 1/11 from the floor and had 8 turnovers. Ultimately, as much as I hate Miami, you have to put this game in perspective. This is one game. Yes it does suck to lose to Miami but will this loss de-rail the Knicks season? No. Miami is rolling right now and the Knicks have a bunch of moving parts to go along with a new point guard and struggling stars. The Knicks are in transition while the Heat are a finished product. I still believe the Knicks, when playing at a high level, have the match ups needed to play with the Heat but it just did not work out for them tonight.


Knicks-Heat: What to Watch For

Earlier this season, the Knicks lost to the Heat 99-89 in Miami. This not the same Knicks team. That was a Toney Douglas led Knick team with no Melo, no JR Smith and Jeremy Lin was sitting on the bench. This Knicks team is deeper, better and more confident then the team that rolled into Miami on January 27th. The Heat are rolling right now having won 10 of 11 and 7 in a row. The Knicks have obviously been immersed in Linsanity for the past few weeks and have turned their season around. This is going to be a hell of a game.


Recap of Knicks 99-82 Victory Over Atlanta

I covered post game duties tonight for the Knicks Wall.

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Knicks-Hawks: What to Watch For

The new look Knicks will try to rebound from Monday’s loss to New Jersey tonight against the Hawks at Madison Square Garden. The Knicks and Hawks split their 4 game season series last season. Tonight will be game 2 of the Melo/Lin era. Game 1 did not go so well as Anthony was rusty and Lin was passive late in the game. I expect both players to play well tonight against a quality opponent. As showcased in my piece yesterday, the Knicks fail to bring energy against bad teams but have been able to get up for good teams. Atlanta, 19-13, is a quality opponent. I think the Knicks will play well tonight and defend home court.


Notes From Knicks 100-92 Loss to the Nets

That game sucked. On Monday night, the Knicks lost a tough game to the rival New Jersey Nets 100-92. Point guard Deron Williams and ex-Kardashian Kris Humphries killed the Knicks. Williams was unconscious most of the game, including when he foolishly fouled out of the game in the middle of the fourth, and finished with 38 points. The Knicks were unable to bother Williams from outside the arc as he shot 8/14 on 3′s. Humphries, who is actually a very good player, finished with yet another double-double scoring 14 points and 14 rebounds. The only positive thing about New Jersey’s performance is that Humphries and Williams are both on my fantasy team. From the Knicks perspective, the addition of Carmelo Anthony did not help. Anthony looked motivated to get others involved and he did not force shots but he was clearly rusty after missing 7 games. Baron Davis made his debut and looked as good as one can after missing about 8 weeks with a herniated disk in his back. I will say, before I get into my analysis, that the officiating was horrible tonight. The Knicks did not play winning basketball but I believe this game would have been much closer if the game was called more fairly. Multiple times the Knicks caught the short end of calls, resulting in momentum change in the game. More on that in a second.


Knicks-Nets: What to Watch For

Jeremy Lin got the best of Deron Williams last time these two teams matched up at Madison Square Garden. I expect this to be a hell of a battle tonight. Obviously Lin has been running ransack through the NBA the past two weeks. New Jersey has struggled all year but Williams is averaging 27.4 points per game in his last five games. The all-star point guard was reportedly unhappy with his performance in New York two weeks ago and he will be looking for revenge tonight. The 16-16 Knicks look to get above .500 and the Nets look to defeat their crosstown rivals. It should be fun.


Knicks-Mavericks Recap


Linsanity continued Sunday afternoon as the Knicks defeated the Mavericks 104-97.

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Knicks-Mavericks: What to Watch For

The Knicks enter Sunday’s matinee matchup against Dallas coming off their first loss in almost two weeks. The Knicks faltered badly friday at Madison Square Garden against the Hornets and look to start another winning streak on Sunday against the defending world champions. The 20-11 Dallas Mavericks come into the world’s most famous arena riding a 6 game winning streak. For the Knicks, Carmelo Anthony will sit out but JR Smith and Baron Davis could potentially make their Knick debuts. Linsanity died down in the media after the Knicks disappointing Friday “performance” but that may end up being a good thing for the Knicks young point guard. Jeremy Lin even admitted in his post game interview that the media has been a bit overwhelming at times. I think Lin will come out and play well today and I expect this to be a hell of a game.


Notes From the Knicks 89-85 Loss to New Orleans

The Knicks sucked tonight. Period. End of story. They never led in this game, they started the game with poor effort and they couldn’t get a stop down the stretch. 10 missed free throws and 21 turnovers cost the Knicks this game. They were sloppy and played like an Isiah Thomas coached team tonight. New Orleans wanted it more and they got it. Before you read my anger filled post game, let me say something. I understand that this is only 1 out of 66 NBA games. I understand the Knicks came in a bit cocky and might even be exhausted from this constant media attention but there is NO excuse to blow a chance to get over .500 to a team like that. The Hornets had 3 starters (Gordon, Landry, Okafor) out and Jarrett Jack hardly played tonight. The Knicks remaining schedule only has 13 “should win” (in my opinion) games left. The Knicks have played most of their cupcake games this year. They need every win they can get and there is absolutely no excuse for losing to a banged up New Orleans team at home.  More