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Knicks-Sixers: What to Watch For


There’s no doubt about it. This is a huge game for the Knicks.

They have lost 4 in a row, all on the road, and now trail the division leading Philadelphia 76ers by 5 1/2 games. With just 26 games remaining in this lockout shortened season, the Knicks must begin to win games and it starts today. The Knicks play Philadelphia 2 more times, including today, this season. These are games the Bockers must take if they want to catch Philadelphia and win the division. The Knicks have already defeated Philly earlier this season, winning 85-79 on January 11th. I believe the Knicks are a good matchup against Philadelphia and will win Sunday’s matinee matchup. More

Notes From Knicks 119-114 Loss to the Bucks

This has been a fun week!

First, the Knicks lose in Boston. Then they go to Texas and drop back to back games in miserable fashion. The Knicks topped off this week in hell the NBA by dropping a very winnable game to a very mediocre Bucks team. The Knicks, 18-22, now sit just 2 games up on the Bucks for the 8th playoff seed in the Eastern Conference. Their losing ways as of late have propelled Philadelphia to a 7 1/2 game lead over the Knicks. This was a game the Knicks needed to win and they blew it. Again. More

Notes From Knicks 118-105 Loss to San Antonio

No team is better at making the final score look better than it really was than the New York Knicks.

This could have been a 40 point blowout, but of course the Knicks shot the ball well enough in garbage time to make it look like a semi-competitive game. It wasn’t. Without Tyson Chandler and Jared Jeffries, the Knicks defense looked like a bunch of children separated from their mothers at the street fair. They were lost and confused all night which resulted in San Antonio scoring at will. Tony Parker destroyed the Knicks “defense” all night and finished with 32 points. Melo had 27 but it didn’t matter because the Knicks couldn’t stop anyone. A lot of his points came as the Knicks tried, but failed, to make a monumental comeback. More

Your Knicks Postgame Entertainment

Any post game I write tonight would be composed solely of gibberish due to my frustration with this f*$%@#! team. Therefore, I will provide Knicks fans with something else to watch while I think of something I can write in English.

Tonight, I bring you 3 great videos. Here we have the radar scene from Spaceballs, Willie Beamen’s music video and the emotional speech from Brian’s Song. Enjoy

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Knicks-Spurs: What to Watch For

The Knicks sucked last night and now they play in San Antonio on a back to back. Great.

Tyson Chandler and Jared Jeffries, the two best front court defenders on the team, will sit out tonights game with injuries. Iman Shumpert will start for Landry Fields, probably in an attempt to slow down Tony Parker. The Knicks come into tonights game only 3 games up on the Milwaukee Bucks for the 8th seed. The Knicks play Milwaukee on Friday and the schedule only gets harder after that. The Knicks need to start winning games. At 18-20, they cannot afford to keep losing or else they may find themselves out of the playoff picture. This is a big game for the Knicks and they will need to provide far better effort than they did last night in Dallas. More

Notes From the Knicks 95-85 Loss to Dallas

Before I get into the game recap, let me say this. Carmelo Anthony’s performance on all levels was unacceptable tonight. He was awful, shooting 2/12, and his antics and body language reminded me of one Stephon Marbury. Yes, Carmelo Anthony was Marbury-esque tonight which is a horrible sign for Knicks fans. I will elaborate on this later.

In terms of the game, I thought the Knicks played very poorly. Offensively, they never found a great rhythm. The aforementioned Anthony was 2/12 shooting and the trio of Baron Davis, JR Smith and Jeremy Lin combined to shoot 8/28 on the night. As a team, the Bockers shot 38.1% and shot a dreadful 65.2% at the free throw line. One of the lone bright spots offensively was Amar’e Stoudemire who scored 26 points on 10/18 shooting. More on him later.

The Knicks did do a good job defensively, especially in the second half, holding Dallas to 38.8% shooting. As always, Chandler played a nice defensive game and Josh Harrellson added some much needed energy in the second half. The defense was strong but could not get stops late in the game as Dallas pulled away in the final minutes. More

Knicks-Mavericks: What to Watch For

Jeremy Lin versus the Mavs pt 2.

Two weeks ago, the Knickerbockers defeated the defending champs 104-97 in a Madison Square Garden Sunday matinee. Tonight, the ‘Bockers head into Dallas coming off a bad loss to the Celtics on ABC Sunday. Dallas has lost 5 of 6. The Knicks have been inconsistent, winning only 2 of 5 games, since the return of Carmelo Anthony. They look to get back on track against a team they match up well against.

Here’s what to watch for:


Notes From Knicks 115-111 Overtime Loss to Boston

My weekend has been ruined. That was a pitiful, disgusting loss by the Knicks. I am not going to synopsize the last part of this game or else I will vomit all over my computer. Sure, the Knicks were screwed badly by the officials and Boston made some lucky shots but there is no excuse for New York to lose this game. Their effort in the 3rd quarter was horrific. Turnovers and lazy basketball killed the Knicks all day. They did a nice job to fight back in the game but this game should not have been close.

For Knicks fans, this was another episode in the depressing saga of Knicks-Celtics basketball. Today’s game was a movie. A movie that all Knicks fans have seen before. New York outplays Boston in the first half before playing a horrible 3rd quarter. The Knicks scrap their way back into the game by the end but always find a way to lose. Today was no different. Boston bitched the Knicks once again. The Knicks will continue to be Boston’s bitch until they can beat them in in their own house. This team may have more talent right now but this Knicks team is no better than last years team. New York has yet to take the next step to that elite team. Today would have been a big step forward. The Knicks took 3 steps backwards.

Here are my notes from the game:


Knicks-Celtics: What to Watch For

The Celtics and Knicks seem to be headed in opposite directions right now. Led by Jeremy Lin, the Knicks look to make a run towards the playoffs. Given their age and lack of depth, the Celtics seem keen on blowing up the team and rebuilding. However, the Knicks never play well against Boston.

Can you remember the last time the Knicks won in Boston? I can’t.

This is a huge game for the Knicks. At 18-18, the Knicks look to get back over .500 and win in Boston for the first time since 2006. While Linsanity has been awesome, the Knicks still have a lot of work to do. Their 71 point second half performance against Cleveland on Wednesday was a good start but the Knicks must continue to take steps in the right direction. At 1 pm Sunday, the Knicks have an opportunity to take a big step forward. A victory would not only start a winning streak and stick the Knicks over .500 but it would show the evolution of a team.

On opening day, the Knicks beat a Paul Pierce-less Celtic team 106-104 at the Garden. Last month, the Knicks lost 91-89 in a heartbreaker in Boston. New York must prove that this is a different Knicks team. Sure they are much improved from a month ago but a loss on Sunday would be detrimental. This is a Boston team that has owned the Knicks for years. A Sunday victory would be another step in showing the NBA world that this is a new Knicks team. I know Boston has struggled but they still have Rondo and the Big 3. This is a huge game for New York. I think they’ll play well. It should be fun to watch. More

Notes From Knicks 120-103 Victory Over Cleveland

71 second half points. 50 bench points. 120 points overall. This team can be pretty damn good.

The Knicks kicked off the second half of the season with a comeback 120-103 victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers. Trailing by 12 at halftime, the Knicks woke up and exploded offensively in the second half. Steve Novak was stroking 3′s and rocking belts as he hit 5/8 from downtown. New York’s bench was phenomenal, scoring 50 points, and made the difference in the game. Amar’e Stoudemire did not exactly dominate but he showed flashes as he had a couple nice dunks. Carmelo Anthony led all Knicks in scoring with 22 points.

Here are my notes from the game: