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Knicks Work Out 5 Players Tuesday

Yesterday the Knicks worked out UCLA’s Malcolm Lee, UTEP’s Julyan Stone, Morhead St’s Demonte Harper, South Carolina forward Sam Muldrow and Syracuse’s Rick Jackson. Lee is a projected first round selection while Jackson and Stone are projected late 2nd round selections. Lee and Stone are both point guards with good size while Jackson is a 6’9 forward. Malcolm Lee is seen as a bit of a tweener between a point guard and a shooting guard but he has excellent athleticism and is a fantastic defensive player. Stone is interesting because he’s a god awful offensive player, especially when it comes to jump shooting, but he’s a great defender. His defensive versatility is also a potential asset to whatever team drafts him. At UTEP, Stone defended 3 positions. With his 6’5 height and 6’10 wingspan, his versatility should translate to the NBA game. Rick Jackson is a typical undersized forward. He’s got a good motor and became a great college rebounder, averaging 10.3 a game in college. He’s not a greatly skilled offensive player but his rebounding and motor are nice building blocks for him to approve on.  Muldrow, 6’9, was a fantastic shot blocker in college, averaging 3.4 blocks per game last season, but he’s very limited offensively. He projects, if he makes improvements, to be a designated defensive, shot blocking big. Demonte Harper averaged 15.5 points per game as a shooting guard for Morehead State. He had some significant scoring games this season, including 38, 35 and 27 point games. Granted he wasn’t playing against NBA level talent but he has some scoring ability.

Rumors were that Jackson and Julyan Stone impressed the coaching staff with their sold play on both ends of the court. I could see the Knicks purchasing a second rounder to select one of these two players as we could use all the bench defenders we could get.

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Fredette Among 3 to Workout for Knicks on Thursday

On Thursday, the Knicks will work out the top 2 scoring leaders in college basketball, BYU’s Jimmer Fredette and Providence’s Marshon Brooks, and the Pac-10 scoring leader, Washington State’s Klay Thompson. At 29, 24 and 22 points per game respectively, the Knicks will have plenty of firepower inside the MSG training center Thursday. It’s no secret the Knicks are looking for another shooter and all 3 players would fit the bill. In last years NBA draft, Donnie Walsh struck gold with another Pac-10 scoring champion; Landry Fields, therefore many speculate Klay Thompson could be the pick at number 17. It’s been reported that sources inside the organization compare Thompson to Allan Houston.

Obviously Jimmer is the headliner of this group although I believe he may end up being the worst of the 3 players. If Fredette had come out in last years draft, he would have been scooped up by NY in the 2nd round. I believe Fredette would be the worst selection for the Knicks at 17. Yes he can score but we also have two of the top five scorers in the NBA today. The last thing we need is another volume shooter with obvious defensive deficiencies.

Providence’s Marshon Brooks is the lesser known of the three, although he may end up going ahead of both players. Brooks is a prolific scorer from Providence who has drawn comparisons to Kobe Bryant. His resume includes leading the Big East in scoring at 24 points a game, including a 52 point outbreak against Notre Dame and a 43 point game at Georgetown.

It’s possible none of the three players will fall to the Knicks at 17 although I believe at least Thompson and possibly Brooks will be there. I don’t believe Jimmer will get by the Phoenix Suns who select at 13. I believe a backup point or a center is a more important need then a scoring shooting guard but Thompson would fill the role of a scorer off the bench, a role that we desperately need some consistency out of.

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