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Rumor: Knicks in Play For Biyombo


     There have been many rumors about the Knicks wanting to move up in the draft, reportedly for Jimmer Fredette, but now the Knicks have been rumored to be in the mix for a falling lottery pick. Bismack Biyombo is an 18 year old power forward from the Congo. He’s 6’9 but he has a 7’6 wingspan and is insanely athletic. At the Adidas Eurocamp Biyombo fell flat on his face. He decided to skip the game and drills and did the one on none workout. According to Chad Ford of ESPN,

…these sort of workouts aren’t ideal for him. Biyombo looked understandably nervous and it seemed to affect his game. Much of the workout focused on his perimeter skills — a major weakness of Biyombo. He missed roughly 75 to 80 percent of the shots he took in this portion of the workout.

     Biyombo’s poor workout is a god send for the Knicks who are in the market for athletic big men. The last thing we need from this guy is outside shooting and clearly he’s not a great perimeter player. There is no doubt about his raw speed, power and leaping ability, not to mention he is incredibly long (7’6 wingspan). He’s a great fit for the Knicks at center and he’s definitely the best fit for us of all the players in the draft. Golden State sits at 11 and would also be a good fit for Biyombo. I hope we are not snake bitten again just like with Steph Curry in 2009. It’ll be interesting to see if we can give up the pieces to trade up and select Biyombo as he’d be a great addition to our club.

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The Kenneth Faried Arguement


     With the 17th pick in this years draft also being their only pick in the next 2 drafts, the Knicks need to hit a home run with that selection. Kenneth Faried has been widely rumored to have impressed Knicks management and a lot of mock drafts have him being the selection at 17. If I was picking, I’d give a good hard look at Faried. Obviously it would be relative to who’s on the board but I believe Faried is one of the top players in this draft. Obviously it’s hard to make a comparison to an NBA hall of famer but I think Faried could be the next Rodman. Rodman was 6’8 to Faried’s 6’6 but in today’s NBA filled with lazy rebounding and defense, I think Faried has the potential to be a great impact player off the bench. He’s the consummate effort and rebounding power forward with his only downside being his size. I’ve heard multiple people say that if he was 6’10, he’d be the first pick in the draft. While he’s only 6’6 he’s got a 7’0 wingspan and great jumping ability. He scored 17 points a game and averaged 14 rebounds last year at Morehead St. His NCAA tournament game against Louisville was awesome as he blocked Louisville’s last second shot to win the game. This play showed me his fire and passion that he plays the game with. I love this kid. I think he’s got the potential to be one of the great rebounding forwards in this league. One of the knocks on Faried is that his family lives in New Jersey and he may be a distraction to him. I think with Amare Stoudemire tutoring him, they both play power forward, I think Faried’s focus would be on the job at hand and I think that Amare would provide a great role model for Faried to take after. Overall I would say that Faried would be a great pick at 17, I am not confident that the Knicks will pick him or even that he’ll be there at 17 but if he were to be there, I would love to see Kenneth Faried in blue and orange.

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Knicks Will Work Out 4 Players Wednesday

     On Wednesday the Knicks will work out 4 college seniors, Mustapha Farrakhan from Virginia, Corey Stokes from Villanova, Vlad Moldoveanu from American and Jared Mintz from Lafayette. Corey Stokes is by far the most notable of these players. He’s a big 6’4 guard who’s a knockdown shooter but struggles on defense and is not a great scorer, passer or rebounder. I think he’s similar to Andy Rautins, our second round pick in last seasons draft. Farrakhan is also 6’4 and plays guard. He was a 2 guard at Virginia averaging 13 points a game and 1.8 assists. He was a 36% 3 point shooter last season. He showed his potential when he had 31 points against Howard while going 8 for 9 from beyond the arc. Vlad Moldoveanu is a 6’9 small forward who transferred from George Mason to become a great scorer at American. He averaged 18 and 20 points per game in his junior and senior years respectively. Last year he was a 83% free throw shooter and a 36% 3 point shooter. He’s got skills but he’s not overly athletic or prominent in defense and rebounding. Jared Mintz is a 6’9 power forward from Lafayette. He averaged 15 points a game and 5 rebounds. He’s a good scorer but he’s small and struggles on defense and on the boards. This workout continues the Knicks trend of working out many second round selections to find potential fits for our team. All 4 of these players are projected to be selected in the second round or not at all.

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Should the Knicks Draft Jimmer Fredette?


     With the 17th pick in this months NBA draft, it’s been widely rumored that the Knicks are in love with BYU scoring phenomenon and Glens Falls native Jimmer Fredette. There’s no question that he’s a lights out shooter but is he the right fit for the Knicks? I do not believe so. With 1 draft selection (17 in the first round) in this years draft and 0 selections in next years draft, I believe the Knicks need to hit a grand slam with this pick. With Miami in their way in the eastern conference, the Knicks do not have time to wait around for a project guard who may be better suited as a 2 guard. If we had no holes and were picking based on best available talent then I could accept a Fredette selection at number 17 but that is not the situation we are in. The Knicks lack serious bench depth, a backup point guard and a defensive minded center. While Fredette could help add to our bench, I believe he’s better suited as a 2 guard as he’s not a great passer. While typically Mike D’Antoni’s “seven seconds or less offense” would fit nicely with Fredette’s style of play, the Knicks offense right now is in transition to a slower pace with isolation monsters Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire and veteran point guard Chauncey Billups. Our point guard needs to be able to play off the ball and create shots when open from all spots on the court. While Fredette has the ability to make shots, we all know he has a great jumper, I am not sure how he will adjust to a change where he’s at best the 4th option. He’s not going to have any games like at BYU where he took 30 shots. He will be a 5-12 shot a game guy and he needs to be able to efficiently score. He was a volume scorer at BYU and obviously he’s not going to have the same freedoms in New York. My main problem with Jimmer is that if his offense doesn’t pan out, he has no defensive game to fall back on. He was an atrocious defender at BYU and that was with a lot of zone defense being played. He has reportedly been working hard to improve his defense in the offseason but you never know how much one can improve with one offseason. With the current roster that we have, I do not believe we need another high volume scorer who’s deficient on defense. While Jimmer has a lot of potential and could pay miraculous dividends, he also comes with a lot of bust potential. It’s not that I do not believe Jimmer can be a good player but with the roster and cap situation that we currently have, we just don’t have the time to wait on him to see if he’ll pan out. We need a player that can start impacting games from game 1. There’s no doubting while there is optimism in New York there is also a great amount of desperation. We have not won a playoff game since 2000 and the fans want results. We cannot afford to swing and miss with this draft pick and if we miss with Fredette, his lack of defensive effectiveness could be catastrophic to the team.

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Shumpert Stands Out At Today’s Knick Workout


     According to multiple Knicks sources, Georgia Tech point guard Iman Shumpert was the best player in today’s 5 player workout at the MSG training center. Reportedly Shumpert hit 18/25 3 pointers at the workout today. His biggest questions are his 3 point shooting and his jump shot. If he made the Knicks believe in his shooting then they could very well acquire his rights in the 2nd round. I really like this kid. The fact that he’s 6’6 and is notoriously a good defender makes him very appealing to the Knicks coming off their bench. I’d be in support of getting this kid in the 2nd/ late 1st if we have to.

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5 Players to Workout For Knicks on Thursday

As reported by Tommy Dee, on Thursday the Knicks will workout 5 prospects 

Keith Benson, 6-11, 230, Oakland, senior

Mike Davis, F, 6-9, 225, Illinois, senior

Charles Jenkins, F, 6-3, 220, Hofstra, senior

Iman Shumpert, G, 6-5, 212, Georgia Tech, junior

Chris Singleton, F, 6-9, 225, Florida State, junior

     Keith Benson is an intriguing prospect, he’s got a 7-4 wingspan and is a very good athlete. He’s a good shooter and good rebounder. The problem is that he’s not a great defender which is bad for the Knicks. If you can improve his defense, I think he could be a very good NBA player. He will be a 2nd round selection. Mike Davis is a power forward but he’s too finesse for my taste. He is a bit soft inside and he’s not a shot blocker. He plays hard and he’s a good rebounder and he can shoot but overall he needs work. He’s got late second round value.  Charles Jenkins is a really interesting prospect. Tommy Dee has him listed as a forward but I think that’s a typo. Jenkins is a point guard and a very good one. I like him more at the 2 actually as he isn’t a great passer. He wasn’t asked to pass much at Hofstra but if you’re gonna play point for the Knicks, you gotta be able to deliver the rock to the big 2. He’s a great scorer and has a really nice jump shot. He’s not an elite athlete and needs to improve his passing but overall he’s a solid player, should be a first round pick. Iman Shumpert is another intriguing prospect. He’s got great size for a point guard at 6’6 and he’s real long. He may not be a pure point, maybe a shooting guard but he’s a great defender and he’s a great finisher at the rim. His 3 point shooting could use some work and he isn’t a great jump shooter but overall I think he’d be a great 2nd round purchase for the Knicks. Chris Singleton is going to be a lottery selection. He’s an unbelievable defender and he’s can shoot the hell out of the ball from 3. He’s incredibly athletic and finishes nicely at the rim. He’d be a great fit for the Knicks coming off the bench, he’s got versatility to guard the 3 and 4 on defense. I like him alot but I don’t know if he’s gonna be there at 17 for the Knicks to pick.

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Matt Howard Among 6 Players to Work Out For the Knicks Wednesday

Butler star Matt Howard is among 6 players to work out for the Knicks on Wednesday. The other five are College of Charleston long range stud Andrew Goudelock, Georgia forward Trey Thompkins, Villanova guard Corey Fisher, Rhode Island forward Delroy James and and Notre Dame forward Carleton Scott. Matt Howard is the most publicized player in this group. He’s got a late 2nd round grade. He’s a typical players coach, but the coach would probably be in college. Although he can shoot long range, he doesn’t have the body, athleticism or strength to play forward in the NBA. He’s a great basketball mind and he’s got a good motor but I don’t think he’ll be a good NBA player. Trey Thompkins is a 6-10 forward with a 7-1 wingspan. He’s got a solid offensive game. He’s got a great offensive game, he can shoot mid range, he can shoot 3′s and he’s got a solid post game. He’s not the greatest athlete in the world and he’s had conditioning issues in the past but he’s a solid player. Corey Fisher is a 5’11 point guard. He’s a late 2nd round pick to undrafted. He’s not a great shooter and doesn’t have good size. Just an okay player, I don’t like him that much. Delroy James is another late 2nd round guy. He’s a 6-8 small forward that is athletic but he needs to refine his offensive game. He has to improve his jumper if he’s gonna play small forward in the NBA, only shot 25% from 3 last season. Carleton Scott is a 6-8 small forward who is a very good defender and is a versatile defender who can guard multiple positions. He doesn’t give you much on the defensive end as he is very raw. If you’ve never seen Andrew Goudelock, then you’ve been missing out. It should be Goudelock range not Jimmer range. He’s a 6-3 shooting guard with a 6-5 wingspan. He’s not a great athlete but his shooting is incredible. Just check out the video below.

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1smyOfRXIxM] thanks to Javon27isback for the video

There is speculation that the Knicks will look to purchase at least 1 second round selection and they have done nothing to dispel that speculation. They’ve been working out a ton of guys with 2nd round grades lately and I fully expect them to spend a bit of money to buy a couple. [twitter-follow screen_name='tarmosino' show_screen_name='no']

Knicks to Work Out 6 Players Tuesday

According to Tommy Dee the Knicks will be working out the following players on Tuesday June 7.

Norris Cole, G, 6-2, 170, Cleveland State, senior

Gary Flowers, F, 6-8, 214, Southern Mississippi, senior

Josh Harrellson, F, 6-10, 275, Kentucky, senior

Demetri McCamey, G, 6-3, 205, Illinois, senior

Malcolm Thomas, F, 6-9, 220, San Diego State, senior

Nikola Vucevic, F, 6-10, 240, Southern California, junior

Cole is a point guard from Cleveland State that quietly averaged 21 points a game last season. I like this guy in that he’s not overly athletic but he’s got a good basketball IQ and he’s a good shooter. I think he could be a steal in the early 2nd round. I don’t like Gary Flowers. He’s a tweener, he has to add size and he’s had off court issues. I don’t think he’ll be drafted but you never know. I really like Josh Harrellson, he reminds me of Josh McRoberts from Indiana. I would definitely condone the Knicks purchasing his rights in the 2nd round. He’s a good rebounder and a great energy guy. He’s the kind of Nick Collison type player that I think every team needs. It’ll be interesting to see where he goes. Demetri McCamey is a big point guard that is somewhat raw but he’s got the frame to at least be an excellent defender if not a good point guard in the NBA. He has a lot of range on his jump shot but he’s not a great athlete. He’ll probably be a 2nd round pick, I assume around the 45-50th selection. I like Malcolm Thomas a lot. While he’s undersized at 6-9, he’s got a 7’1 wingspan and a really good motor. He’s almost tailor made for what the Knicks need. He’s a great defender, a great athlete, and a very solid rebounder. His scoring is decent although he has a weak jump shot. He’d be another great player for the Knicks to acquire in the 2nd round if the price is right.

If I was picking for New York with the 17th selection, I would take a long hard look at Nikola Vucevic from USC. ESPN has him listed as a 7 footer with a 7’5 wingspan. He reminds me a lot of Andrea Bargnani except that he’s also a good rebounder and defender as well. He really came into his own last season averaging 17 ppg and 10 boards. I think he’d be a real nice fit either coming off the bench or next to Stoudemire in the starting lineup. At 260 pounds, I believe he has the size to play center and his toughness in the post will come with time.
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High Risk Player Selby Among 4 To Work Out for Knicks on Friday

On Friday, Kansas’ Josh Selby, Tennessee’s Tobias Harris, UCLA’s Tyler Honeycutt and Purdue’s JaJuan Johnson will work out for the Knicks at the MSG training center. Honeycutt is a 6-8 small forward that’s projected to go in the late first round. He struggles to create a shot for himself which leads many to question his NBA game as a small forward but he is athletic and an all around solid basketball player. Harris is a 6-8 tweener forward that is projected to be a first round pick. Harris was a really good basketball player at Tennessee averaging 15 points a game last year as a freshman. He doesn’t have a great height but his 6’11 wingspan makes up for it somewhat. He can shoot from all spots of the court as well as pass with great touch for a big man. JaJuan Johnson is widely regarded as a bubble first rounder but I think his athleticism should put him in the late first. His basketball IQ and low post game aren’t great but he’s got a lot of athleticism and fantastic leaping ability. Johnson needs to add bulk to his frame to play power forward in the NBA but he’s overall a very athletic player that I like.

By far the most interesting of these prospects is Josh Selby, a high school star that fizzled to a dud during his 1 year Kansas career. While he’s filled with talent and has the potential to be the stud point guard that the Knicks need, I believe the Knicks should steer clear of him. He’s drawn a lot of Willie Warren comparisons. Warren was a beast alongside Blake Griffin in 2008 but as a sophomore he was awful, refused to play D and clashed with his coaches and now plays for the Bakersfield Jam. Selby is a similar case but only without the success part. In Selby’s high school career he committed to Tennessee, then un committed while living off of Carmelo Anthony’s business manager. He started off his NCAA career with a 9 game suspension then failed to make any sort of splash at Kansas.

Why he’s bad for the Knicks: The Knicks draft situation is baron. They have pick 17 this year, no 2nd rounder and no selections next year. The Knicks cannot afford to strike out on a combo guard with giant ego problems. We have enough headaches as it is with Donnie Walsh’s situation, Mike D’Antoni to Toronto rumors and a flawed roster that needs renovation, we don’t need Selby. While he’s got a ton of talent, he’s got 2 tons of baggage to go along with it, and that is why I don’t believe he’s the player we should select on June 23


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Jimmer Shines at Knicks Workout

Despite the lack of information that teams give during these workouts, there was one theory confirmed today: the Knicks want Jimmer. According to multiple media reports on twitter, the feel around the Knicks organization is that they were high on all 4 players who worked out today, BYU’s Fredette, Michigan’s Darius Morris, Washington State’s Klay Thompson and Providence’s Marshon Brooks, but the player they want is Jimmer. In the workout, the Knicks paired Jimmer and Klay Thompson in a 2 on 2 game with Darius Morris and Marshon Brooks.  According to ESPN’s Chad Ford,  Fredette made good decisions during the workout confirming the Knicks belief that he can play point guard in the NBA. Word from the workout is that all 4 players played extremely well but Fredette and Thompson shot lights out. That should surprise nobody in that Fredette has a 3 pt range named after him and Thompson led the Pac-10 in scoring.

While it is widely believed and accepted that the Knicks love Jimmer, Frank Isola had an interesting tweet. He tweeted:

I get the feeling that when Donnie Walsh sees Jimmer he thinks Steve Alford, a player he passed on long ago for Reggie Miller.

Obviously nobody but Walsh and his counterparts know what they want so its all mostly useless speculation, but like most, I believe the Knicks want Jimmer badly and could potentially move up for him in the draft.

Image via The New York Knicks

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