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Knicks Actually Have a Second Round Pick in the 2012 Draft

So, I don’t exactly know how this happened, but I think most of the Knicks twittersphere/blogosphere was operating under the assumption that the Knicks did not have any draft picks this season. However, after doing some searching around the web, I figured out that the Knicks actually have a second round pick this season. In the Carmelo Anthony trade, the Knicks did send two second round picks to the Nuggets, but those were both picks acquired from Golden State in the David Lee trade. In the sign and trade for Amar’e Stoudemire, the Knicks gave their 2012 second round pick, top 55 protected, to the Suns. What that means is that if the Knicks were to reach the Eastern Conference Finals this season, they would have given the pick to Phoenix. However, down 3-0 to Miami in the first round, that is not going to happen. So the Knicks will in fact keep their second round selection in this year’s draft. I will fact check this, but I’m quite certain that this means the Knicks will pick between picks 42-50 in the second round.

This is actually great news for Knick fans. As J.R Smith, Baron Davis and Steve Novak are set to depart, the Knicks are going to need young players to help fill the void. In this very deep draft. New York can get a good player with their second round pick. In fact, the Knicks have had some success recently with second round picks, drafting both Landry Fields and Josh Harrellson. With many quality players in this year’s draft, the Knicks will have the opportunity to fill one of their seemingly never ending needs.

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Disappointing Knicks Fall Again in Game 3

The season is over. A sweep is inevitable and the Knicks season will end on Sunday at the Garden. New York now trails Miami 3-0 in this first round series after tonight’s 87-70 loss. Carmelo Anthony came up miles short of his billing, as he finished the game 7/23 shooting. Mike Woodson’s offense was stagnant and ineffective. New York’s inability to consistently score baskets is what did them in tonight. The Knicks were solid defensively, holding Miami to 87 points and forcing 17 turnovers, especially in the first three quarters of the game. Their defense fell apart in the 4th as LeBron James had a masterful quarter. I relate this effect to football in a way. In football, often times you see a team’s defense dominate, but wear down late in the game due to the team’s ineffective offense not being able to put scoring drives together. That is how the Knicks were tonight. Their defense was solid, but miss after miss after miss on offense took its toll. The Knicks were unable to score tonight, which put a ton of pressure on that defense. Eventually, the defense cracked and the Knicks were done for. It was a very disheartening and depressing game to watch. This is one of those nights that I hate being a Knicks fan.

Here’s what to watch for: More

Knicks-Heat Game 3: What to Watch For


The Knicks have lost 12 straight playoff games. They have not won a playoff game since the 2000-2001 season. They have not won a playoff series since their improbable run in 1999, led by Ewing, Houston and Spreewell. New York’s long standing drought of playoff success has taken form into a metaphorical Berlin Wall for not only the Knicks, but their fans. With every disappointing loss after disappointing loss, the wall only gets bigger. We know the Knicks aren’t going to win this series, but can we at least get a playoff win out of these Knicks? Will a single playoff win tear down the metaphorical Berlin Wall of playoff failure? Absolutely not. But a win tonight would instill a bit of sanity back into the fan base as well as the team itself. It is one thing for the Knicks to lose playoff series. They weren’t better than Boston last year (although they got jobbed in game 1) and they’re not better than Miami this year. But to get swept in both series is just damn embarrassing. Even the Dwight Howard-less Magic and the mediocre Philadelphia Sixers have found ways to get playoff wins so far this year. It is the Knicks turn. The past is the past. They’ve got to start taking serious hacks at this gigantic wall of failure, and that starts tonight at 7 PM at Madison Square Garden.

Here’s what to watch for: More

How the Knicks Can Win Game 3 and the Return of Lin and Amar’e

I know at this point most have conceded the New York Knicks will get swept by the Miami Heat. They have won the first two games by 617 points, I got it.

Transparent note #1 – I thought the New York Knicks could win this series.

Transparent note #2 – I still don’t think the series is over despite the popular belief.

Game One was a complete disaster, no questions asked, no way around it. There were multiple factors going into why it was so bad, but I’ll leave that alone here, no point in looking back.

Game Two was a huge improvement. The Knicks lost because they lost focus for about a five minute stretch. New York was down 45-43 with 2:09 left in the second quarter when the Heat took a timeout. After the TO Miami went on a 6-0 run to go up 53-45 with 29 seconds left. 3:35 left in the third quarter the Knicks trailed 71-66 coming out a Heat timeout. Score at the end of the third quarter 78-69, a four point swing. Add those two mini runs together that’s 10 points, which means the rest of the game was dead even.

Then after the game, the Knicks caught the break they desperately needed with Amar’e Stoudemire intelligently smashing his hand into glass/fire extinguisher. If you don’t realize why this is good take five minutes and do a little research. That’s a story for a separate column.

If Knicks head coach Mike Woodson wasn’t so incredibly stubborn forcing Carmelo Anthony and Stoudemire to play at the same time, this wouldn’t have been needed. There was a simple way to work the rotations even if you had to start STAT to keep him happy to make it work, but Woodson wouldn’t do it. For the Knicks to have a chance Amar’e needed to go.

Which brings us to Game Three and the adjustments that must be made so we can all watch Game Four on Sunday for a chance to really make this a series.

Woodson needs to start Tyson Chandler, Carmelo Anthony, Steve Novak, J.R. Smith and Baron Davis.

That group is the Knicks best five for the rest of this series and I want it to get run against the Heat’s starting unit of Haslem, Bosh, LeBron, Wade and Chalmers.

With those two groups against each other Haslem or Bosh is going to get stuck guarding Steve Novak. Novak has taken five shots this entire series, with one of those two guarding him it will be much easier for New York to get him open looks. If Fields is in the starting line-up instead of J.R. Smith Miami puts Chalmers on Baron, LeBron on Melo, Wade on Novak and Haslem/Bosh on Fields/Chandler, which isn’t nearly as much of a mismatch.

Another reason you start the above five is by the time you get to them about midway through the first quarter when J.R. Smith comes in for Fields, Erik Spoelstra will go to a Bosh, LeBron, Wade, Mike Miller, Chalmers line-up which takes away all the cross matching the Heat will have to do with the starting group. I figure the Knicks can get four or five minutes at the beginning of the first and third quarter where they can take advantage of Spoelstra’s love Udonis Haslem.

I got to touch on Game Four real quick. Even if the Knicks beat the Heat in Game Three, they would be absolutely out of their minds to bring back Jeremy Lin and Amar’e Stoudemire. Why would you screw up a good thing? And if they do both should come off the bench. If Woodson starts Stoudemire and Lin in Game Four after the Knicks win Game Three that would be just as bad as anything Mike D’Antoni has ever done.

Amar’e “Office Space” GIF


And for those awaiting a recap from last night, I will have one at some point today. I’m battling a bad case of food poisoning, so be patient with me please!

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Chaos: Stoudemire Punches a Fire Extinguisher

According to all 7000 media outlets that cover the NBA, Amar’e Stoudemire lacerated his left hand by punching a fire extinguisher in the Knicks locker room. To clarify, apparently Stoudemire punched the glass that encases the actual fire extinguisher. There is nothing to indicate that Stoudemire was fighting another teammate, but I would not rule anything out. Complete and utter chaos.

Tyson Chandler has since come out and said he believes Stoudemire will miss the rest of the series. The rest of the Knicks all said “no comment” to the media, except for JR Smith who said that he saw Stoudemire get stitches on his hand.

Interestingly, I wonder what this means for Stoudemire’s contract status. It would take somebody with inner knowledge of Stoudemire’s contract to answer this, but I wonder if what he did is a voidable offense? Could Stoudemire have just voided his contract, or given the Knicks that option? If so, I’d fully expect them to consider cutting ties with Stoudemire. I wouldn’t bet that anything happens, but you never know. It is definitely something to keep your eye on…

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Knicks-Heat Game 2: What to Watch For

This is pretty much the season for the Knicks. If they lose tonight, it is a forgone conclusion that they’ll be going home. If they find a way to win, they still have a chance, albeit small, to beat Miami in this series. The Knicks must put game 1 behind them. As depressing as that game was, it still counts as only one victory for Miami. I won’t go as far as to say the Knicks will win tonight, but I think they’ll at least show up. I don’t know what happened to them in game 1. They seemed to have left their effort and execution back in New York. Tonight is a new night. I expect the Knicks to come out fired up. Again, will they win? I doubt it. Will they give a better effort? I think so.

Here is what to watch for:  More

NBA: Where Flopping Happens (Video)

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Knicks Get Annihilated In Game One

Game 1 was just as bad as it looked on the stat sheet. Miami’s 100-67 victory was just as dominant as it sounds. Before I discuss the Knicks game 1 ineptitude, let me say this about the NBA officiating. The Knicks would have lost this game even if it was fairly called. The officials were not the reason New York lost this game. They didn’t defend, they didn’t shoot well, they didn’t attack the Heat. They deserved to lose. However, that game was not officiated correctly. For LeBron to shoot more first half free throws than the entire Knick team is ridiculous. Tyson Chandler’s flagrant foul was very not flagrant. Was it a foul? Yes. Was it flagrant worthy? Absolutely not. The officiating took a bad Knick performance and made it ten times worse. The NBA should be embarrassed by the performance those officials today.

However, the Knicks were absolutely horrible today. Mike Woodson’s offense was plain, unable to adjust and utterly ineffective. They looked lost and they didn’t hit shots. Melo was horrible. Amar’e didn’t get the ball enough to even make an impact. Baron Davis was the best offensive Knick today. That’s embarrassing. Defensively, the Knicks didn’t show up either. It was an overall depressing loss. To make matters worse, Iman Shumpert injured his knee in the 3rd quarter. I’m no doctor, but it looked to me like he blew out his knee. Let’s hope that isn’t the case.

Here are my notes from the game: More

Knicks-Heat: A Little Perspective

I’m not optimistic about this series. I believe the Knicks are too inconsistent as a team to beat Miami. They haven’t shown the ability to beat the Heat this season, and I do not believe they’ll defeat Miami in this first round series. Having said that, I’m going to say this:

Knick fans should be pumped for this series.

This rivalry isn’t the Alonzo Mourning Heat vs the Patrick Ewing Knicks. I’d be hard pressed to believe we’ll see Mike Woodson hanging on to LeBron James’ leg during a brawl tomorrow. This isn’t a great rivalry yet. But it’s getting there. I absolutely hate the Miami Heat. Sure, I was not old enough to really appreciate the Heat-Knicks theatrics of the late 90′s. I can’t say that I ever witnessed Ewing postering Mourning, or that I saw Houston hit that game winning shot in game 5. However, this is the dawn of a new Heat-Knicks rivalry.

I don’t think that New York will win this series, but I’m still excited to watch the Knicks take their best swing at Miami. In order to be the best, you have to beat the best. Unfortunately for the Knicks, they’ll have to play the best in the first round. Were the Knicks to win this series, I think they’d have an excellent shot at the finals. This is a great opportunity for our Knicks. Sure, New York are underdogs, but it was just two seasons ago that the Knicks weren’t even in the playoffs. More