Jerome Jordan to miss Knicks Free Agent Camp

According to Alan Hahn of Newsday, Jerome Jordan is likely to miss the Knicks free agent camp June 8 and 9 at the Madison Square Garden training center. Jordan is still recovering from an appendectomy. I wouldn’t say this is crushing to the Knicks as Jordan isn’t even guaranteed to be brought across seas but this is definitely an inconvenience. With all the hype surrounding Jordan around the Knicks community, this is a letdown as the team will be unable to see him in person. With the upcoming lockout, the summer league may be wiped out, eliminating the Knicks ability to scout Jordan in person. This may lead to an impact with the upcoming draft in that the Knicks may be unsure of Jordan’s ability which would prompt them to draft a center at 17. Hopefully Jordan can recover before June 8 and get into the gym to show Knicks hierarchy what he can do.

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